Two22 Brew Mixes Beer and Charity

Two22 Brew, one of Denver’s newest breweries, is opening up with a novel concept – it’s giving away part of its profits. At its core, Two22 is a marriage of a brewery and a philanthropic endeavor.

Paige Schuster, who co-owns the brewery with her husband Marcus Christianson, said the idea of Two22 – opening in Centennial on Saturday, February 22 – was created by two beer loving teachers looking to make the idea of “making an impact” a bigger part of their lives.

Two22's take-home options

Two22’s take-home options (Photo Credit: Two22 Brew)

“The mission at Two22 is to provide beer-lovers with a way to give charitably to local causes while drinking delicious, microbrewed beer,” said Schuster. “Our motto is simple: Give where you live, drink what you love.”

$2.22 from every $10 of profit will be given to the Schuster Family Foundation, which Schuster and her mother, Darlene, started about seven years ago after Paige’s father, Leo, was killed in a plane crash in 2004. The family wanted to do something to honor Leo’s memory that would be more than a one-time contribution and also create something that gave back to the state that offered the Schuster family so many opportunities. As such, the Schuster Family Foundation seeks to help existing organizations throughout Colorado provide enhanced opportunities to the communities in which they operate.

The brewery and the foundation will work to gift money to Colorado organizations in need of funding for Colorado causes, and each year Colorado organizations may apply for grants from the foundation ranging from $1,000-$10,000. Schuster said that finding a way to sustain the foundation without having to rely on donations and fundraising was a goal for the brewery from the beginning.

“We decided to open a brewery initially from the standpoint of opening a business that would be sustainable enough to fund the Foundation,” said Schuster. “We definitely feel like the idea of giving back when you’re doing something you already love to do (drinking beer) will have an additional appeal.”

How does the husband and wife duo plan to execute this noble vision? By making awesome beer. Schuster and Christianson studied biology and chemistry during their undergrad time at the University of Denver, and the idea of creating an unlimited variety of recipes from such few ingredients provided the duo with a great challenge.

The resulting approach will have Two22 offer a wide variety of beers that should be approachable for the customers in its Centennial neighborhood. Schuster said the idea behind Two22’s lineup is offering customers options that people feel comfortable ordering, like a blonde, an IPA or a stout, while still allowing the team to try out more eccentric beers over time.

Two22 Opening Lineup

Two22’s Opening Lineup (Photo Credit: Two22 Brew)

Two22 will kick its doors open to the public  with six originals on-tap: Blonde, Session IPA, Simcoe IPA, Milk Stout, Porter and a Red Cinnamon ale.

When asked what success would be for this new approach to the brewery concept, Schuster said, “Becoming a place that is a cornerstone for our area of Centennial/South Aurora where people enjoy coming and spending time–learning about beer, learning about different Colorado charities, and getting to know their neighbors and immediate community.”

Stay tuned to Two22’s Facebook page for more details on the grand opening on Saturday.

The Schuster Family Foundation’s 2014 grant interest form can be found here.


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