Making Angels Envious – Angelshare Bringing Together Spirits and Cocktail Enthusiasts

“Angels’ share” is a reference to the amount of alcohol lost during the aging process. As spirits and wine age in oak barrels, water and alcohol tend to evaporate, especially in adverse conditions. When distillers opened up the barrels and saw the missing alcohol, they just figured that the angels wanted their share.

Now, Angels’ share has a new meaning – at least in Denver. The creatives at Denver off the Wagon, Imbibe Denver, Industry Denver and the Denver Passport have created the Angelshare program. This program matches local craft distillers with both cocktail professionals and enthusiasts.

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The premise of the program is this: Six cocktail hotspots and six local craft distilleries work together to create a whole new set of cocktails. Participating distilleries include Breckenridge Distillery, Deerhammer Distilling Company, Downslope Distilling, Feisty Spirits, J&L Distilling Company and Dancing Pines Distillery. Participating restaurants and bars include Coohills, Freshcraft, Star Bar, Curtis Club, Jax Downtown and Lola.


According to Casey Berry, Founder of Imbibe Denver and  Co-Creator of the Denver Passport, says this of the inspiration for Angelshare:

We consider the community of spirits and cocktail enthusiasts our angels, and want to give them the opportunity to share in the experience. Craft spirits continue to grow in Denver and this program will put the spotlight directly on that growth.

How the Program Works

The unofficial kickoff of Angelshare happened Monday, January 13. Industry professionals and craft distillers gathered at The Source, learning about the different distilleries and planning their cocktail menus. The six craft distilleries provided insight into their different products and offered tastings, including a tasting of Dancing Pines’ newest addition – an orange liqueur yet to be released.


After the formal presentations, industry professionals worked with the distillers to come up with ideas for their own cocktails based around six different themes. By the end of the day, the cocktail menus were set and the participants were off to a good Monday.


How Can I Taste the Cocktails?

The 12-week program starts January 29, and there will be 6 two-week installments. Basically, every two weeks a different restaurant/bar will be paired with a different distillery, and offer a cocktail made with that distillery’s products. Each installment will also have its own theme.





January 29 – February 11



February 12 – February 25

Flips, Fizzes & Noggs


February 26 – March 11

Mardi Gras


March 12 – March 25

Distillers Choice


March 26 – April 8

Highballs & Collins


April 9 – April 22

Tropicals, Punches & Patio Cocktails

Be sure to hit up all the spots every two weeks to taste the newest creations, and follow along with me as I try all six cocktails every two weeks.

It’s going to make some angels very envious.


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