Colorado College Town Beer Showdown

It’s college bowl season and, while no Colorado school is playing in any significant game (no, CSU, the New Mexico Bowl is not significant even if you did win it in dramatic fashion), the heat of in-state rivalry still burns bright.  The Centennial State hasn’t yielded anything impressive in the way of collegiate sports lately—at least not in any of the major spectator sports—but it’s very competitive in a different field: beer.

college1 In an effort to boost school spirit, stir up some controversy, and ignite a few more passionate arguments about which university is best, I’ve devised the “Colorado College Town Beer Showdown,” a scientific (and I use that word loosely) examination of all the breweries which share a city with an institution of higher learning.  The results, I’m sure, will be an additional source of ammunition for when you get into a tiff with anybody with the audacity to wear the colors of a different school.

However, before we get into the findings, I’ll explain the process of data collection and processing.  We at Denver off the Wagon are always supportive of those in need of a stiff drink but, to understand the ins-and-outs of this competition, you’d be wise to remain sober; afterwards you can have a drink in celebration of your school’s victory or to ease the agony of its defeat.  Or, just go straight to the results and skip all the technical mumbo-jumbo; you can always come back later to understand why it is your school won/lost the game.

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About Chris Bruns

Chris Bruns is a self-professed beer geek living in Denver. Chris spends much of his time brewing beer at home with friends and family, attempting to visit every brewery in Colorado, attending special beer events and festivals, purchasing and assessing the latest releases from local breweries, and blogging about his adventures in the world of craft beer. He is also the Denver Craft Beer Examiner on Contact Chris by e-mail at or through his blog at

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  • KyFree

    Here’s my aggregate rankings using a different approach to your data.

    City | # breweries rank | # metals rank | web avg rank | avg of 3 rankings
    1) Denver | 1st | 1st | 3rd | average:1.7
    2) Fort Collins | 3rd* | 2nd* | 1st | 2.0
    3*) Colorado Springs | 3rd* | 6th | 2nd | 3.7
    3*) Boulder | 2nd | 5th | 4th | 3.7
    5) Durango | 5th* | 4th | 5th | 4.7
    6) Golden | 5th* | 2nd* | 8th | 5.0