Libations & Wellness: Cocktails That Fight the Cold and Flu

Cold and flu season is here. Finding a remedy for those cold and flu symptoms just sucks. Ask any doctor and they will probably disagree with my next statement, but some cocktails have great healing abilities. Or at least restorative powers and symptom relief.

In 1993, a study at Carnegie Mellon found that 391 adults became resistant to colds when drinking moderately. More recently a 2002 study followed 4,300 healthy adults. This study, published in The American Journal of Epidemiolgy, found no relationship between the consumption of beer, spirits, Vitamin C or zinc and colds. However, it did find that those who drank eight to 14 glasses of wine per week, especially red wine, saw a 60 percent reduction in risk of developing a cold.

Based on the above studies, I think it is safe to say that a drink can help the sniffles. So what should you drink this season at first cough?

Photo from The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Photo from The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Symptoms: Stuffy or Runny Nose and Cough
Drink: The Blind Watchmaker Red from The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The strong aromas of blackberry and vanilla and subtle hint of liquorice will leave you feeling very warm inside. This wine is perfect for curling up on the couch and nursing yourself back to health.


Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey - Photo courtesy of Stranahan's

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey – Photo courtesy of Stranahan’s

Symptoms: Anything Cold/Flu Related
Drink: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

The word whiskey actually comes from the Latin word “aqua vitae” or water of life. So it has to be good for you!





Margarita at La Biblioteca

Symptoms: Sore Throat
Drink: Margarita at La Biblioteca

This margarita has the same ingredients as a concoction that doctors in Mexico recommended in the 1930s. Blanco tequila, agave nectar to eliminate bacteria and soothe a sore throat and fresh lime for Vitamin C.




Blue Blazer at Williams & Graham

Symptoms: Sore Throat and Chills
Drink: Blue Blazer at Williams and Graham

This cocktail could be the cousin of the traditional hot toddy. The cocktail is served hot and mixes Glenlivet Nàdurra, raw sugar and lemon zest. Whiskey we already know is good for you and sipping on this cocktail will definitely get rid of the chills.



Symptoms: Sore Throat, Cough or Light Grade Fever
Drink: Traditional Hot Toddy at Your Home

This cocktail has been a cold-fighting favorite for generations. The mixture of whiskey, tea, lemon and honey soothes the throat and warms up the body. Plus it has just the right amount of alcohol to put you to sleep. Switch out the whiskey for bourbon if you are treating congestion or sore throat. Irish whiskey has also been said to help a persistent cough.

These cocktails are great to enjoy at the bar when you are feeling well enough, otherwise mix them up in the comfort of your own home and don’t share your germs. Cheers to health and happiness this season!

Disclaimer: If you’re really sick, please see a doctor.


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