Denver’s Top Five Bottle Shops

Craft beer is booming in the U.S. and, in particular, the greater Denver area. More and more beer drinkers are exploring the bounds of what they can find, and that often means weekly trips to local breweries that are always experimenting with new brews. Consider the popularity of Firkin Friday – a perfect example of how beer drinkers are always on the search for something different.

But for those beer drinkers who can’t make weekly trips to local breweries, or who simply prefer to enjoy beers in the comfort of their home, the increase in popularity of craft beer has lead to rise of bottle shops. Bottle shops are liquor stores that have an extensive, diverse and rotating selection of craft beer in various formats (singles, packs, 22 oz., etc.), and the employee knowledge to help you understand the difference between two IPAs you’re considering. Beer_at_a_grocery_store_in_New_York_City

The greater Denver area is full of amazing breweries that offer any style or variation a beer drinker could imagine, so why shouldn’t our bottle shops do the same? Without further adieu, we present some of our favorite bottle shops in town:

Argonaut Liquors (760 E Colfax Ave, Denver) – The old Denver standby, Argonaut has been a Colfax institution for more than 45 years. While it’s among the largest on this list, Argonaut deserves a place for its wide variety and deeply stocked shelves. Because of its size, Argonaut tends to receive a wide variety and, more importantly, a significant volume of rare beers (Goose Island’s Bourbon County being a recent example) than some of Denver’s smaller bottle shops. And let’s not forget the delivery option – who doesn’t like booze delivered to their front door?

Hugo’s Beer and Spirits (1205 E 13th Ave, Denver) A relative newcomer to the scene, Hugo’s has carved out a niche as a Colorado-centric shop – a “nano” bottle shop, if you will. Its ever growing collection of 22 oz. bottles is a welcome addition, and owner Joe-Michael Wright is always a helpful and friendly face should you have any questions about a particular brewery or beer. Hugo’s, like a few other great shops, also is diligent about posting new and limited beers to its Facebook page, which can be a great resource when trying to scour the city for the last bottle of something special.

Image courtesy of Mr. B's

Image courtesy of Mr. B’s

Mr. B’s Wine & Spirits (2101 Market St #112, Denver) – A small shop right in the heart of the Ballpark neighborhood, Mr. B’s has one of the finest selections of craft beer in town. While the cast isn’t extensive, the players are all stars. Mr. B’s receives allotments of some of the rarest beers in town, and they post them all to their Facebook page. They also offer delivery and can help with special orders. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, one of many aspects that helped Mr. B’s win Rate Beer’s 2013 Best Bottle Shop in Colorado.

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About Peter MacKellar

A native Coloradan who thinks our fine state offers the best beer and snow anywhere in the U.S., Peter recently moved back to Denver after spending a few years in New York City.

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  • Beerme

    You forgot Small Batch Liquors in the Berkeley neighborhood over on Tennyson. Great bottle shop, similar to Hugo’s but a killer sour beer selection.

    • Peter MacKellar

      Great shop! Didn’t mean to slight it – just ran out of space.

  • Gyro

    agreed… small batch is awesome! half of the liquor stores on this list aren’t even in Denver. Tipsys is like 45 minutes away from downtown and even though its huge doesn’t mean its good.

    • Peter MacKellar

      We’re thinking a greater Denver approach for the article, but I agree that Small Batch is great!

  • Virgil Dickerson

    You didn’t include HIghlands Wine and Liquor who always have a great selection and if you are a regular, they remind you of recent additions. They recently had a line out of their for Bourbon County and will have another big sale this Saturday for Jester King’s beers and some other fantastic beers by The Bruery and others. Amazing staff, too!

    • Peter MacKellar

      Thanks for the tip, Virgil. I’ll make sure to get up there soon!

  • Crafty

    Toast is another great store. Tiny neighborhood store with a fantastic selection of beer and a friendly staff

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