Rough Draughts: Get Cozy with Copper Kettle’s Snowed In Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Copper Kettle Brewing Company Snowed In Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Imagine you’re staying at a cabin near Breck. It’s frigid outside, and it’s been snowing like mad since you returned from the slopes last evening. Your little two-door Accord doesn’t look like it wants to go anywhere. Heck, it probably can’t get out of the driveway. You just constructed the perfect fire, and your better-half is making the best French toast this side of the Atlantic. Clearly you’re staying put – the only thing missing from your cozy brunch is the perfect drink. Mimosa? Bloody Mary?

No sir. This is Colorado. You need something that pairs with the warm fire inside and the chilly blizzard outside. Copper Kettle‘s Snowed In Imperial Oatmeal Stout is that perfect beverage.

Formerly known as the High Country Breakfast Stout, Snowed In is Copper Kettle’s second bottled beer and first in its new Barrel Aged series. This hearty stout is aged in Breckenridge Bourbon barrels and brewed using oatmeal, chocolate, and locally sourced coffee to give you the perfect late breakfast beer. And at a genial 10.6% ABV, it’ll warm you up too.

The nose leaves little doubt that Snowed In is a bourbon barrel aged beer, but it’s not overwhelming, providing a soft vanilla oaky aroma. Upon the first sip, I can’t help but think of a spiked oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. First comes the chocolate, then comes the mild coffee flavor towards the end and through the aftertaste. The oatmeal provides a base for the beer, while the bourbon hugs all these flavors throughout – not overwhelming but supporting. Each flavor plays perfectly with the others, creating a balance that many beers with such complexity and depth strive for. It also has a fair amount of roasty notes for an oatmeal stout, independent of the added coffee. And as you warm up by the fire, so too will your Snowed In, and that’s ok. As the beer warms, many of the flavors become more pronounced, while keeping the well constructed balance that makes this big beer so enjoyable.

Snowed In in the snow

So although the weather outside may be frightful, Snowed In will make your time inside tasty and delightful. Whether at brunch or as a late night dessert, Snowed In is a fantastic beer. Get your arms around this beauty starting at 12PM noon this Saturday at Copper Kettle’s brewery and taproom (1338 South Valentia Street, Suite #100, Denver, CO 80247). I recommend getting at least two – one to curl up with by the fire this weekend, and more to keep for years to come. With the high ABV and wax-sealed cap, Snowed In will be an excellent beer to see what changes over time. And be sure to get yours early – only 100 cases were produced, and a few kegs will be on tap for your immediate pleasure.

Check back next week for a sneak peek at Copper Kettle’s second beer in its Barrel Aged series – Well Bred.

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