Lyons Based Spirit Hound Distillers Reopens After Flood


Two months after its home town was hit by record flooding, Spirit Hound Distillers will get back to business on Friday, November 15 at noon. Lyons, Colorado’s first distillery, Spirit Hound will have bottles of its gin, vodka and Richardo’s Coffee Liqueur for sale, along with a nearly complete list of its house cocktails and infused vodkas. “We’re crawling back to life,” says co-founder Neil Sullivan. “Our gear is up & running, we’ve got water and electricity and our toilets are flushing again.” The timing, he notes, is good. “We have seen so much goodwill from people who want to get up here and support our businesses. It’s been incredible.”

To get back open, Spirit Hound added a new boiler to its brewing system, two new glycol chillers for its fermentation tanks, and a new heating and air-conditioning system. The tasting room required a rebuild that includes a new bar, new garage doors, a refinishing of all of its wooden tables and chairs, and extensive drywall repairs. For co-owner Matt Rooney, opening the doors of the distillery is a welcome change of pace. “Most of us are back home now,” Rooney says, “and every day people are asking us when we’re going to open. They want to come in and support us. So to be able to open back up after all of the damage and destruction here, it feels just great.” Despite its significant problems, Rooney says the flood has delivered some unexpected benefits. “It has united our town,” Rooney says, “in a special way.”

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