AC Golden’s Troy Casey Starts Own Brewery

Ever been at a beer fest where you tasted an awesome sour apricot or peach brew and you can’t remember the origins? Chances are it’s from AC Golden. Say what?  They only make Colorado Native, right?


Yes, Troy Casey, who is a former brewer at this branch within the basement of the massive MillerCoors in Golden, CO – who started his career as a Chemistry student giving tours at Coors in 2005 –  began creating barrel-aged beers within the name of “Hidden Barrel Company,” when he had no idea what a sour beer really meant and simply sourced barrels from the first listing he found on Google.

AC Golden's "Barrel Closet" - 2011

AC Golden’s “Barrel Closet” – 2011

Now, he’s left the long-standing macro-brewery where he started his journey and signed some “yet-to-be-determined” real estate in the Roaring Fork Valley for his own artisanal brewing company, Casey Brewing and Blending, a project to create small-batch Belgian-style beers focused on old-world style brewing techniques centered on mixed fermentation in oak barrels.

“We will ferment 100-percent of our beer in oak barrels using a variety of yeast strains,” says Casey in a press release. “For each blend, our goal is to bring together unique flavors from several different barrels to create beers with characteristics that are impossible to create any other way.”

The idea includes a tasting room to educate consumers about the long–lost brewing philosophy behind blenders in Belgium who have largely been taken over by brewers whose focus is within the actual act of brewing beer, rather than the real differentiator behind beer, which lies in the aging process.

Troy Casey smelling a special sour in Coors' Executive Bar - 2011

Troy Casey smelling a special sour in Coors’ Executive Bar – 2011

“Their skill isn’t necessarily in the brewing of beer, but in the fermentation and aging of beer from different breweries to make something completely their own,” says Casey. “I’m excited to bring that idea to Casey Brewing and Blending.”

Not only will Casey rely on the age-old way of, well, aging beers, but also he will focus on sourcing local agriculture (just like olden-day brewers), taking advantage of Colorado-grown hops and grains to use in each batch that’s brewed at Casey Brewing and Blending.

More information, interview, and definitive location to come, here, on Denver off the Wagon.

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