A Nice Day At OB

I went to the Oskar Blues Can’d Aid Foundation Flood Relief Festival this past Sunday and had a really nice afternoon. As I mentioned before, this was a fundraising event for victims of our recent flooding. In contrast to that nasty weekend, Sunday was a beautiful day and perfect for bluegrass and sipping a few beers. I had never been in the back yard of OB Homemade Liquids and Solids. It’s a really nice venue for a small beerfest like this one. The train added nice atmosphere, too. photo 5turned

It was a Sunday so I was unable to drink everything I wanted. Crummy work… A few things stood out for me though. I reaffirmed how much I like Upslope’s Imperial IPA. It is a fruit blast. I love the sticky hops just riding over the top of the malt base. As heavy as the hops are in this beer, it never becomes overwhelming and stays tropical and lively. I was also really impressed with Green Bullet from Asher Brewing. Similarly, there is just plenty of big hoppy fruit, but in the case of Green Bullet, there is an undercurrent of pine and a touch of resin. (Can we stop trying to be fancy about it? When I say resin, I really mean reefer. Yep, I also say reefer.) I have to be honest, I have not really tasted that much Asher beer. I will definitely be on the lookout for this beer from now on.

There were a lot of other beers, most of them unusual for a beer festival of this size. Quite a few that I have never seen at all. I suppose this fits the close knit vibe of this event. It felt like a family affair with lots of brewery representatives present. I can’t forget to mention the delicious pig that was roasted and served buffet style. Yum. In all, this was a perfect event for a relaxing day in Longmont – and it was all for charity. For those who missed the festival but would like to support this cause and the other things that Oskar Blues is doing for their community, bounce to their site and see what you can do.


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