There Is A Beer Festival For Flood Relief At Oskar Blues This Weekend!

Hey, do you want do drink beer from 16 local breweries? Do you want to have a pleasant Sunday afternoon among like-minded folks? Do you want to do something good for people who are hurting because of our recent flooding? Well, let’s go to Longmont this weekend and attend The CAN’d Aid Beer Festival that is being hosted by Oskar Blues. Officially, it is the Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation’s event to raise funds for their Colorado Flood Relief Fund.

Oskar Blues and their associated businesses have been doing a lot to collect resources since the flooding. They bank on the community to support them as a business and they are doing what they can to help that community out now. You should do the same by purchasing some tickets and heading up there this weekend. $30 gets you twelve four-ounce pours, some barbeque, and some live music. It is likely that it will get you such things as wild gyrations that might be considered dancing, loud boisterous talk, and grand opinions. And that will just be from me! Just imagine the other sights that will be offered.

Anyway, those of us that didn’t suffer much during the rain should do what we can. Let’s use beer as a fine excuse to pitch in and help. See you Sunday.

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