Shh… Sin And Tonic is Actually a Beer Made By Ladies

Rock out with your Pint out, ladies.

Rock out with your Pint out, ladies.

Ladies, gather ’round for yet another beer event. But this time, it’s organized for and by other craft-loving women like you.

Girl’s Pint Out, if you don’t know of them yet, is a group dedicated to fostering women’s love of all things Craft Beer and was founded in 2010. New Belgium is the Colorado-based juggernaut of craft beer co-founded by Kim Jordan in 1991. What do these two have in common? They collaborated on a beer, and they want to share it with you.

What began between as a conversation between Jennifer Litz, both a beer industry writer and involved with the New York chapter of Girls’ Pint Out, and New Belgium Brewing, turned into a one-off brew. Sin And Tonic, as it’s called, is a beer inspired by the boring ubiquitous and delicious gin and tonic cocktail. The beer recipe even includes lime and actual quinine, for the malaria-fighting authentic taste of tonic.

Brewed on New Belgium’s 10-barrel pilot system, this beer is one of a kind and won’t be seen again any time soon. While only one, lonely keg is staying in Colorado, the beer will be tapped at the same time at eight different bars all across the country. Kim Jordan and Jennifer Litz will be attending via internet and fielding questions. Consider this an opportunity to pick the brain of one of the most high-powered women in America’s beer scene today.

The only place to get it in Colorado is this Wednesday, October 23, at Local 46 (46th and Tennyson Street). The keg will be tapped at 6 PM. Oh, before I forget: $3 pints. More information specific to Colorado is contained in this elegant link.

Between a very interesting sounding beer and the chance to listen to Kim Jordan and cheap beer, Girls’ Pint Out has something unique on hand.

Note: Boys are allowed to come out to play, too. 

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