An Epic Firkin Night

Epic Brewing Company, one of Denver’s newest breweries, decided the best way to make a first impression is by making 50 of them – 50 firkins that is. Last night, Epic threw what could be called an epic party – Epic tapped 50 unique firkins as part of its Great American Beer Festival events.

50 different firkins

50 different firkins

“Firkins are a perfect 10.8 gallon opportunity to just go wild with flavors, and experiment with unusual hops and other ingredients,” said Epic Brewmaster Kevin Crompton. “They are unfiltered and the flavors, especially cask hops, really stand out because it is served so fresh.”

Epic already has a reputation for making some unique and innovative beers like the Big Bad Baptist and Utah Sage Saison, but the brewery stepped up its game for the 50 Firkin Fiasco. Wonder how that’s possible for a brewery that has 25 beers on tap? Well, Epic broke out some amazing, one-of-a-kind firkins for the evening.

One of our favorites was Lemon Fennel Wheat – Intermountain Wheat spiked with lemon zest and whole fennel seeds, and high krausened with Brainless Golden Ale. Another gem of the event was the PB&J Mild, a Mid Mountain Mild base with peanut butter powder, grape jelly and lactose that was high krausened with Brainless Golden Ale.

We would have been willing to give Epic the benefit of the doubt when throwing a big event just weeks after opening its taproom, but that wasn’t necessary. Epic knocked it out of the park. Assuming this is the standard operating procedure for Epic going forward, Denver is in for a treat courtesy of our newest neighborhood brewery.

Just a few of the firkins

Just a few of the firkins

Not everything that was on-tap tonight will be available in the future, but it’s GABF weekend so we wouldn’t be surprised if Epic has some firkins stashed for tapping throughout the weekend.

Did you check out the 50 Firkin Fiasco? Let us know what firkin you enjoyed the most.



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