Overheard at GABF #OHGABF

media-bottlehead (Copy) So, another Great American Beer Festival has come and gone. Too much (or just enough) beer was consumed, we’re all nursing our hangovers and drunk injuries while reminiscing about the weekend’s debauchery.

With over 3,000 beers to sample within the Convention Center, there were a plethora of outrageous comments made. We asked you, our readers, to tweet out ridiculous, inane, or down-right hilarious comments overheard at GABF, using the hashtag #OHGABF. We’ve posted some of the best below, but we’re still looking for more. Keep on tweetin’ or post in the comments section below.

Ew, this one tastes too much like beer. #OHGABF (@NapaofBeerGirl)

I’m a slutty ear of corn. #OHGABF (@a1exandralauren)

We must be the only ones with gluten-free pretzel necklaces. #OHGABF (@totaltotal)

I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you’ll go make out with Santa Clause. #OHGABF (@gpelz

Q: Do you know how a straw works? A: I TOLD YOU I HATE TECHNOLOGY! #OHGABF (@Erizabef)

As a man, the world is my toilet. #OHGABF (@psolio)

You should try my pot roast in bed. #OHGABF (@shellieshell)

So far this event has had minimal beer farts. NOT. #OHGABF (@DenverHBC)

I just stepped in SO MUCH NACHO CHEESE! #OHGABF (@dive_bar)

I wasn’t planning on banging anybody! #OHGABF (@psolio)

I’m not drunk. I’m excited. #OHGABF (@totaltotal)



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