GABF Fantasy Brewery Draft

Our friends over at are smart. They like beer and sports. So they started the GABF Fantasy Brewery Draft. If one were so inclined, one might call them wicked smaht.


We gathered in person and over the internet last Sunday to pick our favorites. And our sure-fire macro wins. Local beer bloggers, big hitting real journalists, and national beer drinkers, fighting together over the biggest question of the night: will Pabst or Coors win large brewery of the year? Because dammit give me those fantasy points!

The contenders:

The points:

  • 1 point for Bronze
  • 3 points for Silver
  • 5 points for Gold
  • 20 points for Brewery and Brewmaster of the Year for a Brewing Company (regardless of size)
  • 15 points for Brewery and Brewmaster of the Year for a Brew Pub (regardless of size)

Denver off the Wagon’s picks:

  1. Port / Lost Abbey
  2. Deschutes
  3. Russian River
  4. Great Divide
  5. Odell
  6. Brooklyn
  7. NOLA
  8. Karl Strauss
  9. Saranac
  10. Summit

See the full pick board at

Will we win? Probably not. Will we be at the awards ceremony cheering for an awkward selection of breweries? Absolutely. Who do you think will win big this year? What’s your top 3 list for medal contenders? And most importantly, who do you think will win the Fantasy Brewery Draft?


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