Taking a look at the GABF app

While an app for your Android or iPhone may never be necessary for drinking beer, serious beer drinkers may want to consider downloading this year’s MyGABF app for their device. Great American Beer Festival has created an app for their festival in years past – an app that is 1) basically only useful for the week of the festival and 2) a stand-in for the usually-burdensome event program. As an Android user, the beer list didn’t make it to my phone until Friday afternoon, and I had attended the festival on Thursday night. I’m not saying this is anyone’s fault in particular, it was just rather annoying. Festival organizers state that the beer lists will be available on October 9th.

You can find the app on the App Store or through GooglePlay

The updated version of MyGABF hit app stores yesterday. Here’s a quick peek inside:

Home screen will feature a ready list of breweries and beers that you can save into lists. Visit a place? Check mark the pint glass. Lost? Hit the location button and a map of the festival will guide you to the right booth.





Currently, every brewery that is on the attendee list is on the application. The beers they are bringing? Not yet. Again, this should be available on 10/9.
My GABF screenshot



Probably the coolest user feature is the Beer Tours tab. Fancy a particular type of beer? You’ll find curated beer lists here. Again, assuming beer lists are updated in time.


My GABF screenshot


Overall, a much cleaner app than what we’ve seen in years before. It also doesn’t require a data connection to use (beyond downloading/updating) which means it will be useable in the sometimes sketchy data-hole that is the convention center.


Do you have any apps loaded and ready on your device for GABF?

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