Adventures in France: A Duck Makes Some Wine

fatlouis Once upon a time there was a duck that lived on a farm in France. This duck’s name was Fat Louis. Fat Louis had big dreams. Fat Louis wanted to visit Paris, ski the Alps, and dance the Can-can. Fat Louis left his home in Saint-Chinian to follow his dreams, all of which are depicted in a line of six French wines from Denver-based Curious Cork.

Drinking wine is more than just what comes out of the bottle. Drinking wine is an experience with family and friends. It’s a time when memories are made. Fat Louis Wines capture this.

France has a long reputation of producing fabulous wines. From cabernets to chardonnay, each wine and grape has a story. Fat Louis Wines is more than just a brand of wines. It is the story of following your dreams and seeking adventure, all while drinking wine.

The story of Fat Louis starts in Paris.


Greetings From France Fat Louis Wines Greetings from France – 2011 French White Wine

The Story: Fat Louis’ first stop after leaving the farm is Paris. Leaving home for the first time is not easy, but Fat Louis visits the Eiffel Tower and has his first taste of success, adventure and romance.

The Wine: Beautiful gold shade with nostalgic aromas of fresh fruit. Subtle pear, apple and orange blooms are complimented by friendly acidity and a balanced finish.

Grape Types: 50% White Grenache, 30% White Carignan, 20% Sauvignon


2011 Fat Louis Cabaret Rose Cabaret Rose – 2011 French Red Wine

The Story: Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Fat Louis had the same artistic eye, especially when it came to the artwork for some of the more risqué nightclubs. Both loved to shake their tail feathers and do a little Can-can.

The Wine: This wine can be described as a love affair between a white and deep red wine. Blushing, crystalline rose color in the glass, with wild strawberry and lively red fruit aromas. A fresh, smooth, and harmoniously balanced finale on the palate.

Grape Types: 50% Cinsault, 50% Grenache


2010 Fat Louis Silver Screen Silver Screen – 2010 French Red Wine

The Story: A bird looks great in a beret! Fat Louis appeared in numerous films like Mêlée du Pâté, Canard Boulevard, and Fowl Play (limited U.S. release only). When it comes to acting, Fat Louis motto is why settle for one masterpiece when you can have two.

The Wine: This pinot exhibits a fruit forward character with notes of raspberry and cherry, followed by elegant layers of warm spices.

Grape Types: 100% Pinot Noir


2010 Fat Louis Messy Business Messy Business – 2010 French Red Wine

The Story: Sometimes life can get a little messy. Fat Louis loves to party! A party thrown by him doesn’t stop until the streets are red with wine!

The Wine: Deep, jammy purple color. Juicy blackberry and ripe raspberry dance on a spicy foundation with nuances of mineral and leather. Well-balanced with discreet tannins and a delicious Mediterranean character.

Grape Types: 40% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 30% Carignan


2011 Fat Louis Road To No Where Road to Nowhere – 2011 French Red Wine

The Story: Saint-Chinian is Fat Louis’ home. This area of France has two flowing rivers, lots of grapes and has a road that connects Spain to Italy. Sometimes you don’t know where life is taking you, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to travel the road.

The Wine: Rich fruit flavors of plum, cherries and blackberries. A full bodied cab with notes of warm spices and vanilla.

Grape Types: Cabernet Sauvignon


2010 Fat Louis Duck Down Duck Down – 2011 French Red Wine

The Story: Fat Louis heads to the French Alps for some skiing. While heading to the top of the mountain of Mont Blanc, Fat Louis spots a beautiful female duck on the cable car with him. He wants to show off a little, so be buckles up and ducks down!

The Wine: A delicious, full-bodied, ruby-red wine with a strong bouquet dominated by hints of black fruit, blackberries and roasted coffee beans.

Grape Types: 65% Grenache, 35% Syrah


Fat Louis Wines are available at numerous off-premise and on-premise locations throughout the Denver-metro area.

What’s next for Fat Louis? In 2014, Fat Louis will be visiting the U.S. and launching a line of California wines.


Grab life by the feathers!


(All images courtesy of Fat Louis Wines).

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