Tickets for Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywine Festival 2014 on sale now!

As I type this, I’m sort of sticking to my keyboard. No, pervs, not like that. Outside my window a record-heat day is roasting the pavement of Denver. Inside my head, we are barreling towards the cooler months where I get to feign interest in things like shoveling snow and stuff that tastes like pumpkins.

Season passes for the ski resorts are starting to go on sale. As are tickets to the 2014 Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywine festival at the Vail Cascade resort! Even though the event is currently slated for Janurary 9-11th, 2014, tickets go on sale today, September 4th, 2013. 

What you need to know about Big Beers, Belgians, & Barleywines (herein referred to as the 4BFest)

  • We’ve been there before. And were it not for our extensive coverage of it, we might not remember it. It is, after all, extensive drinking at high-altitude.
  • Brewmasters, owners, and drinkers of all caliber are in attendance at 4BFest, and you get to met them all at any of the meet-and-greets, competitions, educational seminars, and tasting events. Of the 250 some odd beers that are featured, most of them will be poured by the brewmasters themselves.
  • The beers at 4BFest are big. Usually 8% ABV on up. Eat plenty of carbs.
  • The Vail Cascade Resort, which is hosting the event, has some discounted room rates for you starting at $219. And since this is Vail in the dead of ski-season, that’s a pretty sweet deal.
  • The Fireside Bar program is back. Special beers are created specifically for this fundraiser to benefit the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. The Fireside Bar program has grown so much in popularity over the years, however, that it will be moved to the Cascade Lounge to accommodate  its size.

Basically, this is not one to be missed. A winter festival held in a beautiful little town? Why the hell not?

“Our 14th anniversary weekend marks significant changes in format and scheduling to allow for growth, both in participating breweries and attendance,” said Laura Lodge, event coordinator.  “Guests can look forward to an additional seminar track and a new off-site Brewmaster’s Dinner as well as the expanded event venue.”

Everything else you might need to know is available at the 4BFest website. New additions to the lineup, brewmaster confirmations, education seminars and more will be announced through there as well.


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