Diebolt Brewing – Big Plans for a Big Space

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Diebolt on Mariposa

Diebolt Brewing is set up in one of those areas of Denver you never really think about unless you happen to be  living in the middle of it. Sunnyside is a Denver neighborhood that has only recently raised above the “forgotten” areas like “Globeville” or “Swansea”and will likely be the target of gentrification right after nearby Highland reaches the peak of absurdity (off-road jogging strollers, genetically modified Golden Retrievers, shoot-outs taking place over parking spaces).  Just to the north of 38th Avenue at Mariposa street sits the  relatively non-descript warehouse building housing Diebolt Brewing. I would say it is “By that one thing,” but it’s not. Unless you are the kind of person who can map out this town by where things are in relation to Burger King locations (two blocks).

Diebolt is sitting on quite a bit of space – taproom that could easily accommodate 50 or so drinkers, a fifteen barrel brewing system, and plenty of room in the brew-house to expand capacity, throw up a cellar room, or even a bottling line.

With their soft-opening on the weekend of 8/16, Diebolt opened with two beers on tap – a Standard Porter and the Mariposa Pale Ale. Upon our visit, a third had been added: Sunnyside Wheat. The beers were crisp and straightforward and, while good, not much to rant on and on about – Why such a simple lineup?

“We wanted to start with ingredients that were very forgiving since we were on a brand new system,” says owner Jack Diebolt. The result of forgiving ingredients were pleasant beers with a clean finish. “When working with a brand new system, you don’t really know how some things will work – like how the yeast will react or how long it will take to cool things down.

Smart move, especially how “mistakes” can be more expensive on a 15 barrel system than they can be on a five-gallon home brew set up. Why start out with such a big system? As many local breweries who started at a “nano” capacity (let’s call it, like, 3 barrels) can tell you – starting small means you have to invest again really early on. The demand for beer is here, and customers can’t drink what you don’t have.

On the chalkboard behind the taps are three additional beers finishing up their fermentation, including an IPA, a  Saison and a “French Ales” – a niche style that Diebolt looks to dominate in the Denver beer market.

Why so French? According to owner Jack Diebolt, the family has an extensive French ancestry and feels the beer styles are massively under-appreciated. Little French beers are being imported, and those that make it here the public has almost no knowledge of the brands or styles.


diebolt brewing denver

As of this writing, Diebolt keeps weekend hours and is planning a Grand Opening after the GABF hoopla settles down. As of August 29th the brewers have rolled out their IPA on a regular tap.

Diebolt Brewing
3855 Mariposa Street
Denver, CO
Thu – Fri: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sat: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sun: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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