Adult Daycare tomorrow night at The Lobby

8.30Poster Ever been told to “put on your big boy pants and act like an adult”?

My job involves writing about booze, planning events, and.. drinking. So, personally, I’ve been told that a few times. Today. So far.

Well, it’s time to take off the big boy pants.

The Lobby, 2191 Arapahoe Street, is creating a haven tomorrow evening for the likes of me. They call it “Adult Daycare” and it sounds awesome. It’s a series of events, and tomorrow night marks the first. The basic details:

  • All-you-can-eat BBQ
  • 70lb Pig Roast
  • 4 9oz brews from Black Bottle Brewing
  • Adult coloring contest
  • DJ
  • Free stuff
  • Limited to 50 people
  • $45 for all of the above
  • 6-10pm, Friday, August 30

That’s it. Color outside the lines. Throw a tantrum. Drink some beer. Be a 21+ kid.

Call 303-997-9911 or visit The Lobby at 2191 Arapahoe St, Denver CO 80205 to buy your tickets.

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