A Very Special Wild Turkey Bourbon Event


Give ’em the Bird. Quite possibly the best tag line to ever exist, alcohol products aside. Wild Turkey is best known for its outstanding, high proof bourbon. With many cask-strength bourbons available nowadays, the Bird stands out as the standard when it comes to a flavorful bourbon packing that extra punch. Master distiller Jimmy Russell, who has honed his craft for over 54 years and is third in a line of distillers for the brand, admits to taking no shortcuts with ingredients. Pure Kentucky water purified by natural limestone, top-quality grains and yeast passed down for generations results in a superior distillate before entering the deeply charred barrels. Then the magic happens. Wild Turkey has more than a dozen whiskies in its profile, ranging from young to old with recent additions such as the “wild”ly popular American Honey. Some of the more special spirits include Jimmy’s own line, Russell’s Reserve: a 6 year old rye, 10 year old bourbon, and 110 proof single barrel bourbon. All of these whiskies are very special given they are rooted in tradition, and are the classic Kentucky example of how things should be done.

Once in a while we’re lucky to host true masters of their crafts, and we’re excited to welcome master distiller Jimmy Russell to Denver.  Meet Russell and enjoy four courses paired with Wild Turkey cocktails.

Wild Turkey Bourbon Dinner with Master Distillery Jimmy Russell, August 13 at 7pm @ Russell’s Smokehouse. $55, exclusive of tax and gratuity. Call (720) 524-8050 for reservations.  

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