Discover the Inside of Rio’s Tequila Vault


The allure of the world’s most sought after tequilas may lead one down the road of temptation. As such, special care is required when handling the delicate beauty of these spirits as even holders of the key will be drawn to the vault.

The Rio Grande Denver has masterfully hand-selected a collection of the finest tequilas and houses them in their Tequila Vault, a display resembling an altar which is safely guarded behind a gate and lock. As National Tequila Day commemorates our love for the spirit, the Rio is making excellent and hard to find tequila available to its LoDo neighbors for the celebration. Jose Cuervo Anniversario, 1800 Coleccion, Gran Patron Burdeos are just a few that lie within the vault.

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What makes a tequila fall into this special category?
It starts with the source- only the best specimens of the Blue Weber agave make the cut. Many plants have imperfections that may result in a lower quality product. For aged, or añejo tequilas, the process goes much longer than a typical oak-rested spirit. These are referred to as extra añejo, and can be quite old- much like a whiskey. Barrels used for the older tequilas rotate from American oak to a finishing stage in a sherry cask- which producers can be very selective of the source. Lastly, bottles for these tequilas are often handcrafted and released in limited quantities due to the small amounts produced.

Many factors considered, tequila has come a long way in the last few hundred years with European influence in the Americas giving us barrels for aging and efficiencies in our stills. Natives realize the importance of the highest quality ingredients and cultivation along with sourcing become crucial to the end product. A product you can find right here on Blake street, at the Rio Grande.

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