Break out the lederhosen, Biergarten Festival is coming!


Belgium.  England.  Scotland.  Ireland.  Bohemia.  Europe is dotted with classic, historical brewing regions.  But, let’s face it, for the average American beer drinker, there’s only one place in the Old World to grab a good brew: Germany.

This assumption is understandable considering the names of some of the men who brought beer to America: Adolph Coors, Adolphus Busch, Eberhard Anheuser, Jacob Leinenkugel, and August Krug— these guys absolutely drip with Deutschland!  Nowadays, the craft beer movement has shined a bad light on the breweries these men founded (and not unfairly, either) but that doesn’t change the fact that they were the pioneers of American beer and they were Germans.  How can beer drinkers in the U.S. not associate their favorite beverage with the old black, red, and yellow?

As both a beer lover and as somebody who’s, like, 99.98% ethnic German (French and Prussian fill out the rest), I’m proud of my stein-raising heritage.  Where else is beer considered an appropriate breakfast drink?  Where else do you see frail old ladies effortlessly lifting liters of Helles to their lips?  Where else is a biergarten as commonplace as a city park?  Where else but Germany?

How about Morrison, Colorado?

On Friday, July 12th (4pm-10pm), Saturday, July 13th (11am-10pm), and Sunday, July 14th (10am-2pm), those of German ancestry and those who wish they were of German ancestry can party like it’s 1810 at the 17th Annual Biergarten Festival sponsored by the German-American Chamber of Commerce.

From their website:

Come join us for the 17th annual Biergarten (Beer Garden) Festival in Morrison, Colorado, just outside of Denver!  This family-friendly cultural event offers traditional German food, entertainment, music, dance groups and of course beer.  The event is open to the public and provides an atmosphere of German summer family time together, reminiscent of the times families spent in the Biergartens throughout Germany.  The event will offer several games and activities for the children.

For the first time in its 17 years, the festival will offer Frühschoppen—otherwise known as a German-style brunch—on Sunday.

You can bet this Kraut will be there and, yes, I’ll be in my lederhosen (and, yes, I own a pair of lederhosen; what kind of German would I be if I didn’t?).

Where: 17832 Highway 8, Morrison, Colorado 80465

Price: $8 on Friday and Saturday.  Free on Sunday.  Children under 12 free.  Purchase tickets on the website.

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