It’s Nice Out So Let’s Drink Some Damn Rum


If I was a brewer in this summer heat, my alter ego would be Ziggy Barley. I’d show up in one of those hats with the fake dreads attached to them and annoy the shit out of everyone. I get cranky when it’s hot out, so I think everyone else should suffer in some way- even if it requires simply listening to a bad Jamaican accent.  But do you know what helps beat the heat? You guessed it! Rum, fucker! A cold ass beer is great in the summer but a refreshing and delicious rum drink is like 100 times better. 1,000 times better. With a cold daiquiri in my clenches you can bet on me not being irritated, and definitely not pretending to be Jamaican. Who needs Jamaicans anyway when we have legal weeds and really fantastic rum from Crested Butte? Exactly. We have it good here.

Rum is the next big thing. In fact, a group of our fine city’s top bartenders attended one of the best programs in booze education earlier this week at a Rum For All seminar. Expect to see some great and innovative rum-based creations in your favorite spots all summer long. Just to prove it further, let’s take a step back and look at the US rum market. Pretty much every major brand was up in 2012, tacking on tens of thousands of cases over 2011 much due to innovation and variety in the spiced rum and flavor categories. With the local spin, that trend becomes much more exciting of what we can expect to find in our liquor stores and taste in our cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails, lets drink one shall we? It’s hot, and rum is making its way to being super popular- so make one of these and go ask for a rum drink at your local bar. Shabba!

2 oz Montanya Oro rum
.75oz fresh squeezed lime juice
.25 oz San Pellegrino Chinoto reduction*

Method: Add ingredients over ice in a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled coupe.

*Okay- this is a little out there but well worth the effort. A bit of an inverted Cuba Libre because the sweetener takes on a bitter-coke-kind-of flavor. Take a bottle of SP Chinoto and dump it into a small pot to reduce. Over medium to medium low heat, boil the beverage down to about 1/4 the volume. Chill in fridge. Keep in mind the yield equates to only about 1.5oz, so if you like it and try for a second round, do a few bottles at once. Alternative- just use 1/3oz 2:1 simple syrup if you don’t feel like fucking with it.

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