Peak 7 Vodka: Good in the club or warm and straight at home for non-hipsters wearing visors.

peak7 Vodka is made for Sundays. When nursing a hangover from Friday night and spending your Saturday hovering and moaning over a frozen pizza, Sunday seems like an appropriate day to start drinking again. I had to make up for a day lost of non-erranding, so I figured let’s get going- but start off swinging by Mile High Spirits for the Peak 7 Vodka release party to say hi.

I was greeted with open arms, a visor and a sampler of pretty dang tasty vodka. Imagined by a group of fellows from Golden and Fort Collins, this premium-aimed spirit translates wonderfully as such and is composed of corn and wheat. Drinking sips of vodka is a tough ass thing to do before errands, mind you. Living a previous life as an international vodka judge which never happened, I can tell you a few things: 1) Probably one of the best vodkas I’ve had that has been made in Denver. We have some great producers in the area, but as far as the city- one of the best. 2) It is right on target for what you think you are getting-a quality, premium spirit, with some sexy packaging. I appreciate that, because sometimes a good presentation and associated cost doesn’t necessarily translate into something you would drink often- depending on your style. A vodka you will order in the club? Sure. Found in a classy cocktail from one of Denver’s many restaurants? Definitely. The next hipster vodka of choice? Most likely not.

Keep an eye out for this brand around town while you are thirsty for vodka drinks. Or, if you want to take it home and sip it warm and straight like I did, you should be able to pick a unit up for about $28-30. It’s cool to see so many vodkas popping up here in the city. Cheers, Peak 7- thanks for having us down and thanks for that sweet-ass visor!

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