The Denver Passport: 2-for-1 awesome drinks at 56 spots

Basic RGB You need to get out more.

There, I said it. You’ve been hanging around the same old joints for too damn long, and you need to change it up. Maybe go outside? Get a tan, dammit!

And you need to visit a few bars, breweries, restaurants, and wineries. Some you’ve been to, some you haven’t.

The Denver Passport is your key to visiting these spots. New or old, first time or fiftieth, these locations are waiting for you. Fifty-six of them, from Adelita’s to Zengo, Old Major to the Populist, are holding their breath awaiting your arrival.

For $10, you get a Denver Passport that grants you one 2-for-1 special to each participating location. Some are offering martinis, others, daiquiris. Certain venues are handing out 2-for-1 pints, others, select Amaros.

Basically, go buy one, get the hell out of the house, and enjoy your summer. Passports and more information available at

And stop by Lola this Sunday from 2:30pm-7pm for a kick-off party, including some live music and great specials.

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  • What: Denver Passport
  • When: June 16 – September 2
  • Why: So you can leave the basement and try something new
  • Where: 56 bars, breweries, restaurants, and wineries
  • How:, or select pop-up shops and parties (details on the site)


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