Win Tickets to Colorado Urban Winefest

Colorado Urban Winefest 2013

Colorado Urban Winefest returns 1 p.m.-6 p.m. June 8, 2013, to Denver at Infinity Park, 4599 E Tennessee Ave. It will be the centerpiece event of the third annual Colorado Wine Week, offering a celebration of Colorado wine and food. Top Denver restaurants will be alongside many of  Colorado’s top wineries in creating the ultimate in local wine drinking and eating experiences.

Entrants to Urban Winefest receive free samples of hundreds of Colorado wines, live cooking demonstrations with some of Denver’s best restaurants, live entertainment, and the chance to purchase wine direct from Colorado’s talented winemakers.

And you’re in luck! We’re giving away a pair of tickets to join the festivities tomorrow. Leave a comment below telling us how you plan to make this the summer of Colorado wines.  We’ll pick a winner at 3pm today. 

About LeVar Battle

Mildly hilarious social media manager, blogger, #chocobear, and script/copywriter that's also a momma's boy. Also, I occasionally drink wine and write about it. Pinky up!

  • Aaron Mieseler

    I plan on starting my Colorado Wine Summer by attending the Urban Winefest that I will be winning tickets for ;). Then I want to spend a long weekend touring western slope wineries. Colorado wine and beer is always featured in my summer BBQs also. Hope I win.

  • Greg Iafeliece

    We travel all over the state of Colorado and try to sample the local spirits I.e. whiskey, run, wine. With the popularity and quality of Colorado wine out is easy to find local wines. As we travel we pick up bottles we like to take home and then when we drink then later we experience our travels.

    We already started drinking or way through the state at The Manitou Colorado Wine festival and The Urban Wine fest would help us choose other areas of Colorado we should visit for wine and people.

  • Jennifer Hensley

    After our trip to Palisade over Memorial Day, and the subsequent case of wine on our hands, we plan to really explore Colorado wine. We were thoroughly surprised by the quality and price of this local booze. I plan on grilling like crazy and trying all sorts of wine pairings! Also – PORCH DRINKING!

  • HikerColo

    When I lived in Northern California for a few years, I roamed all over the various wine regions, tasting, learning, getting to know the vintners. HOW GREAT to be back in Colorado and have the opportunity to become reaquainted with my home state by learning about the wines it produces.

  • michelle macreynolds

    My first experience with Colorado wines happened last year when i took a tour of the wineries on the western slope. I fell in love with the distinct flavor of the Colorado grape and i intend to make these wines a signature drink at my summer bbq’s.

  • Kate

    My partner is a beer brewer in Boulder; however, I have a deep love for wine! I want to introduce her to the wine world and teach her how to appreciate wine as much as she appreciates craft beer. If we got the tickets, then this would be a great opportunity to educate and open her world to Colorado wine as well as food pairings. Who knows… maybe I can get her to make wine too!

  • Inky Beer

    I want to learn more about wine styles and barrel aging so that I can pair the information within my brewing career! Also, my partner loves wine so very much and all I know to bring her is beer 🙂

  • Mary K

    I have to keep up with @jenniferhensley:disqus. Also, I know a lot about Colorado beer and talk it up all the time – but don’t know enough about Colorado wine to do the same. And I’d like to!

    • levarbattle

      You and that Hensley girl are two peas in a pod. You didn’t win this one, but try for the contest. Thanks for participating.

  • Katrina

    After 4 summers of Colorado beer, Colorado whiskey and trying (with moderate success) to make my own wine, I want to make my 5th summer here that of local Rieslings, Cabernets and Rosés. Here’s to summer 5 (and many more) in the greatest state of them all. 🙂

    • levarbattle

      Thanks for participating, Katrina. While you didn’t win, we hope you try another contest again soon.

    • levarbattle

      Katrina, your 5th summer just got better. You’re going to the Colorado Urban Winefest with a date. Email me to claim your tickets. levar [at] denveroffthewagon [dot] com. Congrats!