Beer Rights For All! The Sour Revolution is Nigh!

SourFest - the catalyst of revolution

SourFest – the catalyst of revolution

Revolution is in the air! Factions are developing. Committees are conspiring. And parties are forming.

Some groups are no longer willing to sit idly as the privileged enjoy the spoils of the fourth annual Boulder Sour Fest at Avery Brewery this Saturday. Sour Fest, which sold out in just minutes, features over 80 of the rarest, sourest, pucker-face inducing beers known to mankind. Due to the scarcity of rare sours and the capacity of the brewery, only a small number of the beer elite will have access to the event, leaving the rest bitter, angry, and thirsty!

The masses have refused to let those with high speed Internet, purchase reminders, and ticketing connections get the best of them. Recognizing their rights as equals, beer enthusiasts have mobilized. Whether by candlelight, hushed whispers, or the occasional email, the plots of separate sour events are being developed.

Drinking_Miners On Saturday, some conspirators will join forces, pooling resources and bringing their own sours to uncork. A barrel aged brett bomb, once put away for dire circumstances, has found its purpose. Or a rare geuze, hidden in the deepest, darkest cellar, has been donated to the cause. Their generosity has motivated others to commit to the cause.

Crooked Stave Tap Handle 2 Leaders of the cause have emerged as well. Crooked Stave, pioneers of the sour frontier, will open their doors to all revolutionists on the same day as Sour Fest. They will offer sanctuary for all those deprived of Avery’s festivities. Hosting their own mini festival, Crooked Stave will be tapping five marvels including the Musty Cedar Box (Burgundy Sour aged in Leopolds Whiskey barrels); Nightmare on Brett (Dark Sour aged in Leopolds Whiskey Barrels; WaelzBlood (Peach Sour w/Hibiscus); Razzy Surette (Barrel-aged Provision Saison aged w/Raspberries); St. Bretta (100% Brett/Lacto Foeder fermented w/Blood Oranges); and the Wild Wild Brett Violet (100% Brett w/Passion Fruit, and Dry Hopped w/369 exp Hops).

Who will you side with on Saturday? Where will you pick your battle?

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