Denver crawls its way through “Cinco de Drinko”

Cinco de Drinko Jackson's The “Cinco de Drinko” bar crawl is perhaps the only socially acceptable occasion for both men and women to sport mustaches. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo a day early, nearly 900 people attended the festivities put on by Living Social. Participants split into four groups and visited five bars in downtown Denver.

The day drinking began at the Ginn Mill where for a $20 fee, patrons received a wrist band allowing them to drink only the paltriest alcohol. A line of bar-crawlers stretched outside as they eagerly waited for complementary sombreros and tape-on facial hair. Mariachi bands and Mexican traditions were nowhere in sight as Usher and Lady Gaga blared down from the loud speakers on a sea of sombreros.

As if the atmosphere wasn’t loud enough, all of the sudden a bullhorn made an alarming sound that immediately silenced the crowd. The sound came from experience coordinator Brett Dioguardi as he signaled that it was time to move on to Jackson’s. As coordinator, Dioguardi’s seemingly impossible task was to move many intoxicated people to different destinations to get them even more inebriated. Dioguardi seemed to welcome the challenge.

“I’m new to Denver and doing this part-time for Living Social allows me to meet a lot of new people while getting to drink and be with friends,” he said.

One of those people taking part was Evan Meredith. He needed very little persuasion to come out to the bar crawl as he received a free ticket from an admirable woman.

“There is really nothing better than day drinking, right?” Meredith said. “Plus these bars are spread out which keeps me moving and keeps me drinking.”

As the afternoon moved on to Croc’s, Hayter’s & Co. and Fado’s Irish Pub the sombreros were only rivaled in size by the women attending Kentucky Derby viewing parties. More and more absurd facial hair and Technicolor woolen ponchos flashed across the streets of Denver. No other mustached duo stood out more than Kady Hetherington and Eddie Predota. The later proclaiming himself the “most guapo man” of the group.

“This is a bit of a trek but it is completely worth it,” Hetherington said. “It is a great way to check out Denver and an excuse to drink.”

The group met back at the Ginn Mill for a chance to whack a hot tamale piñata and to show off their festive costumes. The event lasted three hours but the crowd considerably diminished as many drunk stragglers were lost on the way.

Sitting at the bar looking quite comfortable sat Jessie Huling. Huling might have looked like everyone else donning sombreros and a bar-crawl induced haze, but as he sat enjoying the company of his friends he seemed to encapsulate what the day was all about.

“Drinking during this event forces you to forget your moral standards as far as your selection in beer,” Huling said. “This isn’t about good drinks but rather meeting good people having a great time.”