Circle Up The Wagons – Openings and Horizons edition

American-Craft-Beer-Week It has been an absolute whirlwind of a week here at the Wagon. Hell, it’s been a bang-up week in general for loca craft beers and spirits. Chances are some of you are pretty wiped out from the first day of the South Denver Beer Festival, or you are slathering in sunscreen to enjoy the second day of the event today. Either way, we want to hear your stories.

So, yeah, what’s up? Anything amazing happen?

If you weren’t there, you were probably crouched in front of the TV for the hottest two minutes of WASP-ian sportage ever – the Kentucky Derby. We did our best to prepare you by telling you what does, and doesn’t, constitute a Mint Julep as well as the launch of a new menu at Earls – which sounds like a mighty find place to watch a stampede.

Renegade Publik House opened it’s doors to the public in the DU neighborhood. Peter gave us a preview, we’re hoping you’ll give us a post-view? (Is that a thing?)

In other “openings” news, Denver will see it’s first combination dog park/ bar for humans sometime in the next month or so. The Bark Bar will feature a full bar and a 4000 square foot dog run. From the response you guys gave us, it sounds like a match made in heaven.

As for opinions and educations: The Sandlot opening up full-er time got us thinking about the craft/crafty dichotomy and Mr. Science lays down some serious malt knowledge. Also, Sam Adams is launching their famous Boston Lager in a can and we can’t help but wonder: why?

Elsewhere on the Internet!
Crafting A Nation released a new feature trailer for their documentary. The first minute or so highlights local brewers Black Shirt Brewing. Definitely worth the watch as the camera work is gorgeous.

What if your faith was beer? Like, willing to fast on nothing but beer for a while? Well, that’s what this guy did.

North Korea has become the but of many American jokes (really guys, we shouldn’t be laughing). In the sweet irony that is situational comedy, what does a nation who is starving have plenty of? How about breweries? Yup – North Korea makes a ton of steam lager. How about it?

That’s all for this week, kiddos. Just a reminder that American Craft Beer Week is on it’s way. There are lots of local events posted on the website, and we’ll do our best to help you plan your calendar. Our people will call your people.

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