Circling Up The Wagons – Spring is Nigh edition

Linger Brunch cocktails. L to R: Bloody Mary, Coconut Fizz, Linger Mimosa (Photo ©Sarah Haughey)

Linger Brunch cocktails. L to R: Bloody Mary, Coconut Fizz, Linger Mimosa (Photo ©Sarah Haughey)

If you’re smart, you’re probably not reading this. Of all things you and the rest of the general public are probably out elbowing each other for room on a Sunny patio as you consume a mimosa-heavy brunch.

And you know what? That’s fine. I’m writing this far enough in advance where I’m probably the guy you’re elbowing. I’ll forgive you.

This week we had all kinds of shenanigans go on here at the wagon.

The 4/20 celebrations of last weekend left us contemplating the separation of hemp and hop, and we took a taste of TRVE’s Nazareth Double IPA that was freshly released.

Sourfest Tickets went on sale. A minute later, they were gone. Keep your eye out for freebies and contests, you never know which Charlie might get the golden ticket. Meanwhile, GABF announced the 2013 ticket prices. The plus? Only a slight increase over last year’s rates. The negative? They’re still using Ticketmaster.

Linger teases us with a new boozy brunch menu that is loaded with all sorts of awesome cocktails while our team thinks about the future of the craft spirit industry in the wake of the DStill Fest.

Elsewhere on the internet:

Who can you ultimately thank for bringing you the craft beer industry? None other than the great-deregulator: Jimmy Carter.

Nifty video about Oskar Blues from iWebExpert that will make you want to quit your job and work for someone cool.

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