GABF 2013 ticket prices announced

Everyone’s favorite beer holiday, the Great American Beer Festival, has posted ticket prices for the 2013 sessions today. Briefly – I’d start sewing up the holes in your pockets as prices took a bit of a jump this year over last – $75 per evening session and $65 for AHA members-only session.  The festival takes place this year on October 10-12 at the Convention Center.

gabf 2013 ticket prices

It has not yet been announced as to when these tickets will go on sale. Likely – late May or June.

Two years ago it took a little under a week for the tickets to sell out. Let’s not forget the debacle of every ticket getting snatched up in an hour, only to be on StubHub for 3 times the price minutes later. The only thing we’d suggest is seeing if you can get in on the American Homebrewer’s Association  for the pre-sale tickets.

Will the ten-dollar increase be enough to deter all but the hardiest of craft boozers from going? Doubtful, but we’ll see.

We’ll keep abreast of the news, as well as ticket launch dates as we receive them.

Might as well ask: What are you looking forward to the most this year from GABF?


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