2013 SourFest tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Friday, April 26)

SourFest 2013 There isn’t much to say about SourFest. Is it the best festival in existence? Probably. Will tickets sell out in minutes? Most likely. Should you try to get them? Absolutely. Will we tell anyone if you tie up your friend who got tickets when you didn’t, steal his tickets, and leave him with a dog bowl of water? That’s an oddly specific question, but no, we won’t tell.

SourFest is June 8, 2013, from noon to 5pm at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder. Tickets are $55 plus a $4.02 service fee, and go on sale tomorrow morning (April 26) at 9am MDT. They will be available at bouldersourfest.eventbrite.com.

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