Rough Draughts: Nazareth is big, wet, with a sweet side.

There was only one word floating around TRVE Brewing’s “Nazareth” – the double IPA that made its 4/20 debut on Saturday evening – and that word was “dank.” A fitting term, given the various cannabis-centric activities Denver was playing host to this weekend. Albeit, a “dank” weed-inspired beer had me a bit nervous since I was far more likely to sit in a taproom rather than rally at Civic Center Park, if you catch my drift.

A few sips in and all nerves were lost in memory, it is quick to see why “dank” is so fitting. The nose is pungent with hops, creating an air that reminded me of an empty field after an overnight thunderstorm. Hop lovers (all kinds of hops, mind you) will definitely enjoy the aroma. But if you’re not a fan, don’t stop just yet. The first sip is surprising sweet form the malt and the monstrous 10% ABV. Underneath, though, you can tell the hops are there, chilling out for a moment. Three sips in and it is clear that Nazareth is a card-carrying double IPA.

The hops are more pronounced through the beer, but the sweetness of the malt never quite leaves; creating a great balance between the two profiles. The hops aren’t as brash as the nose leads you to believe, acting subdued but yet very present and almost wet or heavy on the tongue.

All told, Nazareth reminds me of a slightly heavier version of Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute Double IPA. Sprinkle in the dark atmosphere of TRVE’s taproom and the grinding, laborious metal rock and Nazareth definitely has a home here. While it was a sunny day in Denver, having this beer transported me back to Seattle. Regardless of what your initial reaction is to the word “dank”, Nazareth delivers a double IPA that hop enthusiasts can surely appreciate, while still leaving itself open and available to the less-adventurous drinker.

Best part? Even though this was brewed special, there is still plenty more Nazareth on tap for you to try. Check them out at 227 Broadway #101, Weds/Thurs from 4-11PM, Friday/Saturday 4PM-12AM, and Sunday 2PM-10PM.


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