Circle Up The Wagons – The edition of Delicate Dining

Lemon Tart - Served with Agave Wheat & Strawberry Agave Wheat Firkin

Lemon Tart – Served with Agave Wheat & Strawberry Agave Wheat Firkin

Happy Sunday, my band of weekend-warring wagoneers! This week you may be feeling a little more off kilter than usual since we seemed to not only double up on rich beers, but also found ourselves in quite the food coma this week.

On Monday Kelly regaled us with tales of her experience at the Breckenridge Beer Fest, using cercione-level descriptors such as “If angels could cum, this is what it would taste like.”

To celebrate the life of Wynkoop-friend Kurt Vonnegut, the brewery put together a special beer and dinner event – lots of pork, lots of paired beers, so it goes.

Also on the crazy-awesome-fun-time beer dinners was Breckenridge Brewing at Central Bar & Bistro in the Highlands – numerous courses with beers. Our own PJ got his fill and was feeling it the next morning.

Also in local-brew news, New Belgium hosted their Bike Summit this weekend, turning the focus onto bike advocacy. Of all things, it should be a reminder to lube your chains and pump your tires (hee hee) because the cycling season is well upon us. And why not take that bike of yours up the hill to Lyons, where Oskar Blues has announced the date for the 2013 Burning Can festival. Tickets on sale now.

Elsewhere in Internet Booze News:

Peat is not sustainable. Which means, invariably, Scotch whiskies are not sustainable. Which means we could eventually not have Scotch whiskey. Sound your alarm.

Related to the peat, in other “things science needs to get crackin’ on”, scientists are now demanding more money for research related to a cure for hangovers. Personally, I think hangovers are the necessary evil that keeps the entire drinking industry in check. No hangovers means no time apart from booze to actually appreciate the spirit. What are your thoughts? Should we abolish hangovers?

That’ll do it for this weekend. Enjoy your Sunday Funday and we’ll see you next week.


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