If heaven was a four course dinner… Vonnegut’s evening at Wynkoop

Poe-tee-weet, Sharoooook, Barooong! So it goes, Wynkoop knocks another beer/food pairing dinner out of the park. This time featuring a pork-centric line up to feature the rarely-brewed Vonnegut Mile High Malt beer. April 11th was abuzz with this memorial event (Vonnegut died on April 11th, 2007, so it goes) which left me satisfied, but not totally bombed out. To my notebook!

The Food:

Course 1 - Wynkoop Breakfast for Dinner

Wow. I read the menu ahead of time and drooled, although not many, I’ve had multiple course fancy meals before, I’ve been to beer and food pairings before and of course drank a lot of different beers and eaten a lot of different kinds of pork. This tops them all.

Habanero Bacon – You think you’re eating a think juicy cut of bacon and then the Habanero hits you. Not with a hardy smack in the face but you certainly do not forget it is there.

Tender Belly Pork Hash, potatoes and onions – It came in an ice cream scoop and, hands down, beats ice cream of all flavors in deliciousness.

Coffee rubbed tender belly pork loin, grits and collard greens – The owners of Tender Belly Pork told us they use a different kind of pork, only the best of the best, and it really came out in this dish. Combined with southerner approved collard greens and grits, this was to die for.

Coffee malt cheesecake with Wheaties crust, cocoa tender belly bacon – I’d suggest reading the description again. Coffee + Cheesecake + Bacon.

The Beer/Drinks:

Here comes the broken record. WOW.

Michelada – If I could have made a straw out of the Habanero bacon to devour this drink with, I would have.

Kurt’s Mile-Hi Malt German coffee lager with Novo Coffee – I drink coffee and I drink beer but I usually do not drink together in a heavy coffee porter as they usually come. This beer makes a dangerous competitive move to steal market share from Starbucks for morning coffee drinkers AND refreshing summer time drinks you can sit down with a six pack on the patio and drink them all. Now available on tap at Wynkoop.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout – This beer started as an April Fool’s joke but is far from that now. It’s at Wynkoop on tap and you should forget about your fear of balls in beer and try it.

Cupping the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Beer
(Photo by Shannon Berner, @shannonberner)

The comment from Wynkoop Head Brewer Andy Brown on the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout beer:

“When people tell me ‘This beer doesn’t taste like what I thought it would.’ I reply, “How would you know what it tastes like?” 



Cask Conditioned Novo Coffee Infused Milk Stout – By far, the best pairing with food of the night. I wanted to pour the beer over the cheesecake so I could consume them both at the same time.

Head Brewer Andy Brown with a signed Kurt Vonnegut poster. "Do not fear the meat in your beer"

Head Brewer Andy Brown with a signed (by himself) Kurt Vonnegut poster. “Do not fear the meat in your beer”


Conclusively, Mr. Vonnegut would be proud.

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