TOMORROW: The Most Mouthwatering Combination Beer Dinner Ever Created

Beer. Coffee. Tender Belly Pork.

Breakfast for Dinner Wynkoop Beer Dinner Menu

As the images of all the different varieties of each of those items runs through your head and your stomach growls with the volume of a fire truck going down a narrow road with tall buildings on either side, we’ll get to the details.

Tomorrow night, Wynkoop Brewing is having a “Breakfast of Champions Beer Dinner” to honor not only three of the greatest edible items of all time, but also to honor a great influence to the brewery, author and close family friend of Wynkoop founder, John Hickenlooper, Kurt Vonnegut.

This four course dinner will feature you guessed it, Tender Belly Pork (yes, that means tons of bacon!), beer and coffee prominently in each course.

As if that doesn’t sound enticing enough, the breakfast for dinner attendees will be the first to taste the 2013 version of “Kurt’s Mile High Malt”, a German lager infused with Novo coffee. If you haven’t experienced any of the rare beer tappings from Wynkoop, trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. This beer has only been brewed twice in the 25 year history of the brewery and is far from the usual coffee stout we’ve all been sipping on these past couple cold winter months. Take note that you don’t see “annual” in the title of this event meaning this isn’t one of those “I need to get caught up on the shows on my DVR on Thursday so I’ll just catch this next time” deals. One time only. Wynkoop events are to die for. Don’t miss it.

This event will also feature a couple readings of Kurt’s writing as well as raffle giveaways for a pair of gift baskets from the Tattered Cover both inspired by the late Mr. Vonnegut.

Dinner is $45 plus tax & tip and you can make your reservation at or 303-297-9999.

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