New Parry’s Pizza Location Brings Beer to the People

Menu from the new Parry's location

Menu from the new Parry’s location

If you like pizza, beer and live in the Greenwood Village area, there is a new joint for you to check out. The popular New York-styled restaurant, Parry’s Pizza, has opened a fourth location to provide beer and food to your face without having to drive across town. I was lucky enough to be invited down to check out their soft opening on April 2nd.

The first thing you see when you walk into the new Parry’s Pizza location is a lovely wall of 50 taps. The tap list is pretty solid with plenty of crowd pleasers and old favorites, such as Dry Dock’s Apricot Blonde, Colorado Native, Avery IPA, and Upslope Brown. There were also some cool, more unusual selections too. Notables included a Wild Turkey aged stout from Anderson Valley (super chocolatey deliciousness), Odell’s new Lugene Chocolate Stout on nitro, and Little Red Cap from Grimm Brothers Brewing. Also on the beer front, they have the “Ale Yeah Club”. By subscribing to their email list, this free membership gives you discounts on certain days. A worthy membership to have, especially if you live in the area as it also reminds you of  their various cool events, special tappings, and member-only soirees. As a side note, one of their events recently at a different location was a special sale of Cigar City Brewing bombers, over the counter to go home. Holy shit. That’s amazing.

The bar also offers wine and cocktails, but the wine selection seems somewhat limited. At the moment, the entire white selections are made up of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. I would really have liked to see a couple of the ten slots given to a Reisling, Sauvignon Blanc, or even a blend just to round out some choices. Hopefully this will improve as they move forward from the soft opening. The red section, on the other hand, seemed pretty nice for a non-wine bar. The varietals on that side ranged from Merlot, to Pinot Noir, to a Chianti Classico. Totally nom-worthy and great for pizza. The cocktails were standard, but that is not a bad thing. Keep it simple, right?

As for the grub, I rather enjoyed it. The mozzarella sticks were melty-crispy-yummy. The fettucine I ordered came out hot and delicious. The garlic bread was garlicky and also delicious. My foodie ladydate had the linguini and clams and said it was too spicy for a white sauce, which was disappointing to her. Some cheesecake came home with me and it was a very good choice.

Menu from the new Parry's location, with a tulip of Iron Throne from Ommegang

Menu from the new Parry’s location, with a tulip of Iron Throne from Ommegang

One of my favorite moments from the evening was getting to meet the owner of Parry’s, David Parry. He came out to say ‘Hi’ still wearing his big baking apron. Apparently, even though he owns all four locations, he also still works in the various kitchens four days a week. Salute to you, sir. That is impressive.

Over all, I think that this place will be a solid choice for the residents of Greenwood Village and surrounding neighborhoods. Clearly, the strength of this Parry’s location is that it’s a beer bar in an area that is not known for such. Yes, there are amazing breweries down south but it isn’t the same thing as 50 changing taps. Plus, its casual enough to bring the kiddos and still nice enough for a date-night. Their long friendly bar and Ale Yeah club will continue to introduce the joy of craft beer to people who may otherwise never experiment beyond macrobrews while providing interesting craft beer to those that love it already.

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