Circle up the Wagons – Skip Work and Drink on a Patio edition – April 7, 2013

Colorado Brews pbs First off: Today is National Beer Day. Celebrate appropriately. Post a photo to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #nationalbeerday and #denverwagon to show off how you’re celebrating this coveted holiday.

As I write this it is gorgeous and sunny outside. Concrete patios are warming up, beer ads are moving copy from “great” to “refreshing”, and the forecast says it will likely snow this next week. So, yes, another springtime in Colorado is upon us. This past week we looked pretty heavily into the local spirits and distilleries with DStill rocking most of the Denver area. We talked with Rob Master’s of Spring 44 and Chris went and got all cozy with the folks over at Stranahan’s.

What has become known as a local holiday in Denver, the Rockies won their home opener. Also celebrating an opener is the River North brewery opening their new patio area. In fact, touring most of the LoDo/RiNo area one thing seemed clear: it is open season for garage doors! Take full advantage.

In less flattering Opening Day News, a photo went viral of the “Craft Beer Destination” at Yankee Stadium. The joke? The featured beers were “crafty”, not craft, and were the products of MillerCoors. Photo below:

crafty beer yankee stadium

The “Crafty” selection at Yankee Stadium

Crazy Mountain Brewery is looking to expand and show the world how crazy their mountain really is. First there is the buzz of their moving into Breckenridge Brewery’s soon-to-be-old space. Then we come across this little story about how you can have a beer-centric spa treatment. You can be wrapped up in spent-grains from the Carne De Luca Black Ale, scrubbed down with the Lava Lake Wit salt rub, and even have your hair treated with the Snowcat Coffee Stout. Not quite what beer was meant for, and definitely puts a whole new twist on “beer vacation.” In my professional opinion, probably not ideal for those prone to yeast-influenced ailments.

Colorado Brews – With two radio shows on the air featuring local craft beer, it was only a matter of time before the cameras were turned on and focused on the fermenters. Last night Colorado Brews launched their pilot episode on Rocky Mountain PBS last night with the focus on Greeley’s Crab Tree brewing. Will the program stick around? Being a supporter of the craft beer culture in this state, I certainly hope so. After all, there’s no harm in new mediums to bring in new fans.

In the meantime, we invite you to recruit your friends into your own craft beer experience. Slap down the hand that orders another Coors Light and enliven your patio experience with something that has a little more soul. In the end, you and your friends will be better for it.

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