bRUNch Launches Running and Libations Sunday Funday Group


Sure, exercise is important. Not every runner is training for an ultra marathon. Every mile needn’t be logged nor every workout drowned in a chalky protein shake. During the 1904 Olympic Marathon, US gold medalist Thomas Hicks enjoyed a mixture of brandy, strychnine, and eggs whites in an effort to gain a competitive edge. Over the past few years, Denver beer runs have been banking on this nutrition philosophy. The Irish Snug and Denver Beer Co. have been hosting 5K and 10K runs that are topped off by awesome chow and great drink specials.

Going on a run is a great excuse to have a drink and meet people. Starting your Sunday Funday  with some kind of exercise (even if you have worked up a massive hangover from the night before) so you can “earn” the boozy calories the day will likely present you with. At least, that is the logic behind bRUNch.

bRUNch is a Sunday Funday running and brunching group. We meet every Sunday around 10 a.m. at a different Denver restaurant, bar or brewery. We change locations every week for a number of reasons.

  1. We sometimes get bored running the same route week and after week
  2. We want to try as many of the brunches in Denver that we can and
  3. There have been studies that show switching your route can help prevent injuries. The start location will always be the finish as well.

We offer two routes for each bRUNch: three miles and six miles. Upon completion of the run, runners will enjoy an all-inclusive brunch. We work with each restaurant, bar, brewery and food truck to put together an awesome post-run drink and food menu. The price for bRUNch will vary each week between $15-$25.

We will also be hosting post-races parties for Sunday and holiday races like The Cherry Creek Sneak, Colfax Marathon and the Bolder Boulder.

bRUNchers can pre-register at or just show up ready to run and play day of. Non-runners are also welcome to join us for brunch.

The first bRUNch is happening on April 7 at Jonesy’s EatBar. Here are the details:

Venue: Jonesy’s EatBar, 400 E. 20th Ave. Denver CO 80205

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Course Length: 5K and 10K

Course Directions: From Jonesy’s, head east on 20th Downing and make a left, then right onto 21st. The 10K route will continue around the outside of City Park and then head back along 21st, to Downing and then 20th. The 5K route will continue along the road into City Park. Runners will go through the first round-about, at the second round-about runners loop around and head back to Jonesy’s.

Difficulty of Course: This course is very flat.

Cheatability of Course: One thing about bRUNch, you don’t have to run if you don’t want too! We welcome brunchers only!

Competitiveness of Group: Low. The pace is conversational paced.

After-Race Goodies: The cost for this bRUNch is $18 per person and includes any item from Jonesy’s brunch menu, two mimosas, tax and gratuity.


Miscellaneous: bRUNchers can pre-register at or just show up ready to run day-of.  Cash and credit cards are accepted day of.

bRUNch takes two of Denver’s favorite things, running and libations and puts them together in the perfect way to end your weekend and start your week

 See full maps on MapMyRun

bRUNch will take place every Sunday from April through October and random Sundays during the winter months.


About Alexandra Weissner

Alex loves craft beer, whiskey and brunch. She has a weakness for Champagne and Prosecco. She also likes to run a lot.