Circle up the wagons – the grass is greener edition – March 31st

RedactedRendering Ants in your pants. Hitch in your britches. Whatever the case, you just can’t sit still. Then again, who could with spring lurking just around the corner? Here in Denver we are being blasted in the morning with seasonal lows in the icy 20s and our evening commutes are welcomed with open windows and fantasies of Happy Hours on patios. All around the city breweries are opening up their garage doors to the balmy springtime weather and pants are being traded in for shorts in efforts to broze over the winter paste.

Trust me, we’re ready for it too. If the weather hangs tight we can all enjoy Easter brunch on a patio, celebrating our risen lord with champagne flutes of never-ending mimosas.

Next week is a good a time as any for D-Still is coming up this next week – a week-long festival for our home-grown distilleries. You can check out fun, boozy products at venues all over town.

For those of us who didn’t abstain anything for lent, we’re all recovering from the Legends & Rarities/ New Kids on the Block party. Times were had. Stories will never be lived down.

We also took a look at a local Kickstarter project that aims to turn any 64 oz. growler into a mini-keg. Which is good, you know, if you are in the unfortunate place of having leftover beer. A product that might go hand-in-hand with Black Shirt Brewing’s inaugural growler release over the weekend. Limited edition, might not be any left as of this writing. That’s what you get for staying in on Friday night.

Elsewhere on the internet:

Portland University is now offering an online course focusing on the business behind brewing beer and starting up a microbrewery. So now when your friends say you should move your brewing practices beyond your garage, you wont end up loosing your ass in the process.

Denver’s own Renegade brewing is switching up the name of the Ryeteous Rye IPA because it steps on the toes of another brewery. Damn them homonyms.

And in case you need a crash-course refresher on beer and brewing, here’s a charmingly academic video from UC Davis about modern/historic beer practices. And, yes, he does allude to birds taking a shit in beer.


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