Women Craft Beer Drinkers: Is it Really News?

First, there were rumblings. Then I saw an article on it last month. Last week, Ellegance, the first all-lady brewer beer collaboration in the state of Colorado, was tapped during Colorado Beer Week. Might as well have set off some fireworks or something.

I’m not saying it was akin to women’s suffrage or anything, but I’ll be damned if this news doesn’t make me just swell with pride to be in a state that has so many lady brewers that they could all get together to collaborate on a beer.

However, to be honest, I hadn’t thought a whole lot about except for the proverbial “You go girl!” until I started coming across articles that started pointing out the “shocking” change of women’s attitudes towards beer. I’m a woman (the jury is out on whether I’m a lady, even if I do drink with my pinky up). I love the shit out of craft beer; I’ll choose it over wine nine times out of 10. I drink with a lot of other ladies who are passionate and knowledgeable about craft beer. In fact, several of them brew their own. We even have a monthly Crafty Ladies Beer Club that sells out almost immediately every 30 days.

Women & Beer

Yeah, I have the costume, but this is not normally how I dress when I drink beer.

To read that female beer drinkers are actually newsworthy kind of blows my booze-addled mind. College kids aside (I’m willing to bet most of us didn’t develop a finer palate until a few years after we graduated, but if you’ve been a craft beer fan from your first brew, hat tip to you), is the stereotype of the wine swigging woman so pervasive that people are actually shocked when they find out that many of us enjoy beer over wine?

Where does that come from? Is it because wine has fewer calories than beer and women are always thinking about their girlish figure? If that’s the case, then I know some pretty strong, fit ladies that will throw that stereotype right out the window.

I know I’m beating a dead, feminist horse here, but I’m getting tired of living in the 21st century and hearing how women are bucking stereotypes and turning industries on their head. Shouldn’t we be allowed to have one area where we aren’t pigeonholed? I honestly thought it was craft beer. I know brewing is still kind of a boys’ club, but I never feel like the odd woman out when I sidle up to the bar at any one of the dozens of breweries here in Colorado and it’s never come up as a topic of conversation while sipping on a craft beer.

In fact, I’d say that gents looking for a quality lady might want to skip the sausage fests that serve up Miller Light and watered down vodka cranberries and get themselves over to an actual tap room.

Pardon my rant, but I wanted to speak my mind on the topic. I’m curious about what others think on this topic. Do you think that women loving craft beer is a shocking turn of events or do you just think that the media has to turn everything into a battle of the sexes?


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  • NapaofBeer

    Great read! I wholly agree that I never feel like the “odd woman out” at any sort of beer related venue or event. The craft beer industry is very welcoming and accepting of women. I think it is those outside of the industry that are getting so excited about women in craft beer. Those who are not already understanding of the craft beer world, who are 2 generations deep in male centric Bud commercials and not yet picking 6 packs over 30 racks. I think it is a good thing they are excited about it. Maybe this can be one way to get the craft beer market share over 10%, women are the main purchases of their households typically.

  • http://twitter.com/entrebeerneur Nick Hernandez

    From my perspective, the industry is still very much male dominated. But I do echo your thoughts that it shouldn’t be considered “revolutionary” to see a woman (or several) drinking craft beer at the bar/tap room.

    Women are very much involved in craft beer and its exceptional growth. If we are to really celebrate their involvement, it should be for their direct contributions rather than their choice drink. Call attention to the female brewers, owners and operators. The Cicerones/Master Cicerones and industry experts.

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