The TapIt Cap – One Denver Man’s Craft Beer Invention

TapIt Cap

The prototype for the TapIt Cap in action

Love it or hate it, Colorado’s craft beer culture is centered on the taproom concept. Taprooms provide a central gathering place and fosters the sense of community that is a staple of so many smaller breweries, as well as providing brewers with a direct-to-consumer sales option by way of growlers.

At the same time, it is awesome to have craft beer at home while you’re watching the game. Or in the park at your next BBQ. For this there are cans and bottles – distribution methods that most breweries aren’t ready to scale to or just aren’t interested in embracing (remember, you can’t can community).

For places beyond the taproom, we have the growler – a 64 oz glass bottle with a tight cap that is designed to keep beer mostly fresh after it leaves the brewery. Just about every taproom sells them (albeit, some are only 32 oz, others are 40, others are some arbitrary number in between), however Denver resident Robert Scott felt the concept of the growler can be greatly improved upon.

Scott is the man behind the TapIt Cap, a growler attachment that essentially turns a 64 oz growler into a mini-keg. By injecting CO2 into the growler through an attached cartridge, the TapIt Cap significantly extends the life of growler beers.

While the TapIt Cap is still in the funding stages on Kickstarter, the new product already has some influential fans in the craft beer community. Prost Brewing Company’s Bill Eye and Strange Brewing Company’s Tim Myers appear in the Kickstarter video to support the TapIt Cap.

“Bill and I met when he was the head brewer at Dry Dock Brewing . . . and I called Bill and asked him if he had time to check out a new product for growlers,” said Scott. “When we met he was very excited when he saw the my invention. As soon as Bill saw the TapIt Cap on a growler he asked me, ‘How much are they and when can I get them?’”

Eye and Myers aren’t the only ones in the craft beer community that are excited about the TapIt Cap. As of this writing, Scott’s Kickstarter campaign has raised nearly $69,000 toward a goal of $80,000 with 16 days left to reach the goal.

Despite some initial apprehension, Scott’s Kickstarter campaign has been a big hit among beer lovers and beer makers. Once the initial word got out via social media the response was so great that Scott spent four consecutive hours at his computer answering questions from backers.

“The response from the craft beer community has been overwhelming. Aside from a few commenters who suggested I push up my skirt and drink the whole growler, the reaction was very positive,” said Scott.

Professional brewers and the media have embraced the product and help spread the word through social media:

Ska brewing tap it cap


CNBC tweet on tapit cap


Nangansett beer tapit cap

“The folks on Reddit, Twitter followers, friends and family all began messaging me at once. It was unbelievable,” said Scott. “My friends have been very supportive . . . I’m very lucky to have friends and family who care so much about my success.”

Interested in the TapIt Cap? Head over to the Kickstarter page to fund the project.

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