Circling Up The Wagons – Spring Blizzocalypse Edition

beer in snow

Properly chilled

Happy Hungover Sunday to you, dear Wagoneers! If you’re anything like me there is a foot of snow at your doorstep and you have little desire to do anything more than drink warm whiskey and abuse your Netflix account. No shame in this at all! Hell, here at the Wagon we have had a heckuva week with all of the Colorado Craft Beer Week events at all of our favorite breweries around town. Most notably was the New Kids On The Block and the Legends & Rarities parties at The Lobby and Star Bar over the weekend.

Between the young guns and the old farts, some pretty amazing beers, costumes, and drinkers turned out. What were your highlights?

Other things that are happening in the world of booze:

New Belgium released the 2013 tour schedule for the Tour de Fat (it hits Denver on September 7th). The tour is a fantastic way to try all kinds of New Belgium’s beer, try out some crazy-ass bikes, parade through the streets of downtown on said bikes (in the most absurd costume you can muster), and watch/participate in some classic vaudevillian performances. Every stop is a fundraiser to raise money for cycling non-profits. We’ll have more on this as details trickle in. In the meantime, you can follow Tour de Fat on Facebook and check out some crazy photos of last year’s bikes.

Also mark your calendar for the South Denver Beer Fest. May 4th and 5th at Clement Park, you can enjoy 100 different beers and spirits from over 60 different brewers and distillers from all over the country. And it is in May, which means this pesky snow should be done with us by then, right? Tickets and more info here.

Copper Kettle announces plans for their two-year anniversary party weekend – April 18-21. I’ll be there.

Things that are bad: wasted beer. Unless you are having a weekend buried under a foot of snow or a party with the people you can tolerate enough to share your beer with, then a growler can feel like quite the commitment. Thankfully, there is the TapIt Cap – a Denver-based kickstarter that basically turns your 64 oz. growler into a mini-keg that maintains its freshness. Video below, link to Kickstarter here.

Keep warm, Wagoneers. Until next time, here’s a bunch of women belching:

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