NKOTB – The Beer List

My costume for Saturday night. Hair included.

My costume for Saturday night. Hair included.

New Kids on the Block is this Saturday. If you don’t have your tickets yet, get on it. They’re almost gone.

Besides the DJ, costume contest, brewers wandering the dance floor, and a teacher walking the halls with a ruler to ward off any untoward behavior, there is also going to be some good beer. Here’s the deal: the keg-to-tap ratio is about 3:1. Kegs will come and go like the snow the past month in Denver: one minute it’s here, the next, it’s gone.

Here’s the list. It’s subject to change, especially since 6 more breweries are likely to open by Friday. Don’t forget to check out the Legends & Rarities tap list as well.

See you in 1986.

  • Big Choice – 10,000 Summer Saison
  • Big Choice – #42 Poblano Stout
  • Black Bottle – Youth Brigade – Imperial IPA
  • Black Bottle – PDA (Panty Dropper Ale) – Belgian Tripel
  • Bootstrap Brewing – Insane Rush IPA
  • Bootstrap Brewing – Flagstaff Amber
  • Caution Brewing – Card Your Mom Saision
  • City Star – Vanilla Bandit
  • City Star – The Revolver
  • Crooked Stave – Surette Provision Saison
  • Crooked Stave – Vieille Saison Apple Whiskey Barrel Aged
  • Echo Brewing – Nocturnal Black IIPA
  • Elevation Brewing – First Cast IPA
  • Fate – American Stout
  • The Gravity Brewing – Mendacious
  • The Gravity Brewing – Acceleration
  • High Hops – Windsor’s Wee Heavy
  • High Hops – The Golden One
  • High Hops – The Dark One
  • Hogshead – Gilpin Black Gold London Porter
  • Lone Tree Brewing – Hoptree Double IPA
  • Our Mutual Friend – Huckleberry Roasters Coffee Stout
  • Our Mutual Friend – IPA
  • Pateros Creek Brewing Co – Rustic Red
  • Pikes Peak – Oaked Elephant (Elephant Rock IPA aged in Whiskey Barrels)
  • Prost – Weissbier
  • River North – Anniversary Ale #1
  • River North – Barrel Reserve 2013
  • Telluride Brewing – Fishwater Double IPA
  • Telluride Brewing – Face Down Brown
  • TRVE – Wanderlust
  • TRVE – Tunnel of Trees
  • Verboten Brewing – Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter
  • West Flanders Brewing – Trippel Lutz
  • West Flanders Brewing – Canniption pale ale
  • Wit’s End – Jean-Claude Van Blond

Any selections you’ll be making a beeline for? Let us know in the comments.

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