St. Patrick’s Day: A Local Beer Guide

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It should be about the beer, a St. Patrick’s Day drinking guide with local flavor.

Let’s be honest, we are all a little bit Irish, and we all like to drink. Even if you can’t claim the first, you probably agree with the second.  And if you don’t agree with the second, then why are you reading Denver Off the Wagon? And if you can’t claim first, just pretend this weekend, and let your affinity with the second become your guiding light.

That light will probably guide you to beer; specifically all the traditional Irish and Irish-esque brews that seem to multiply and cover downtown Denver in as many banners, posters, lights, window decals, and tents as possible. Have one or two, just for nostalgia sake, but; for the love of god and St. Patrick himself, do not drink a green beer. Unless of course it is a real green beer.

Here is your St. Patrick’s Day drinking guide based on what all the banners, posters, lights, window decals, and tents, will tell you that you absolutely HAVE to drink. These suggestions are all on the lower ABV side, at least as low as possible. They are not based on a specific Irish style, they are just as good and all fit the festivities of the day very well. Because after all it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you are at least a little bit Irish and you like to drink, so you might as well support your local brewery.

Green Beer – They are always one of the big industrial lagers and are actually died with food coloring. Gross. Try a REAL green beer. By “green” I mean the natural color of hops. More hops = more green. That should put a smile on your face.

  • Choices – Great Divide Titan IPA, Modus Hoperandi, Dale’s Pale Ale, Avery IPA, New Belgium Ranger IPA, Odell IPA.

Irish Lager – Otherwise known as Harp. Really? They still export this stuff, make it sit on a boat for who know’s how long, and then it only really sells one month a year. Otherwise, it’s not that bad, hey, it’s better than green beer.

  • Choices – Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils, Avery Joe’s Pilsner, New Belgium Shift, Great Divide Nomad Pilsner.

Irish Red Ale / Lager – No Killian’s does not count.

  • Choices – Odell Red (its got some hops, so it’s green too), Great Divide Hoss, Denver Beer Company Dubbel Fisting, Breckenridge Irish Ale, Ska Pinstripe Red Ale

Irish Dry Stout – Guinness , the best of the bunch, by far, you should probably have at least one.

  • Choices – Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout, Ska Steel Toe Stout, Avery Out of Bounds Stout, Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout. While Great Divide Yeti (all) and Odell Lugene are both incredibly delicious, unless you only have a couple, they will drop the ABV hammer on you.

Raise a glass, go to the parade, and don’t let the snakes get ya, Slainte!


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