10 Reasons You Should Vote for Us as 5280’s Top of Town Blog for 2013

5280 top of the town denver off the wagon 5280’s Top of the Town 2013 ballot is now open and we need your vote. We are asking you, our loyal readers, to vote for us as the your favorite blog (you have to fill in a box on page 2. Archaic, I know.). Our goal has always been to bring you important beer news and insights on the local booze culture in Denver. Sure, we write Denver Off The Wagon because we love drinking in Denver, but we also know the drink culture is a way of life in Denver – culturally, economically, and even politically.

Need a refresher? Here are ten things we worked on and brought to you in the past year.

  1. Our articles keep you in the know on the latest beer laws in the state. Lindsey Dulin is currently working on a three-part series spotlighting Colorado’s divisive beer laws in comparison with other states.
  2. We make sure you are one of the first to know about week-long parties. DSTILL arrives in Denver this April for a week-long festival centered around small-batch craft spirits.
  3. We gave you tips on what it means to have a “beer-clean” glass. Tiny little bubbles on the wall of the glass, the head collapses within a matter of minutes are just a few of those warning signs. Knowing the warning signs is the first step in Beer Drinking 101.
  4. We give you the opportunity to win free beer every Friday. Every Friday we post a picture of a beer that is available at one of the five Illegal Pete’s locations and ask you to guess the beer. The first 10 people to respond correctly win a free pint of beer at Illegal Pete’s.
  5. We throw some awesome events. From Denver’s first Bacon & Beer Festival, Denver (Only) Beer Festivus to the upcoming Colorado Craft Beer Week Legends & Rarities and New Kids on the Block.
  6. We keep you updated on all the alcohol related events in Denver. Weekend Off The Wagon is delivered to your inbox every Friday with details on everything that is happening in the Denver/Colorado area that weekend that is booze related.
  7. We give you tips from the experts. Julia Herz from the Brewers Association offered tips on how to craft a beer dinner.
  8. We give you the opportunity to win tickets. We like to make sure that you get to attend all the awesome booze events in Denver, which is why we love to give away tickets to things like GABF, Avery SourFest, Bacon & Beer Festival and more.
  9. We also tackled the topic of what was floating around in your wine. Some sediments are just the product of winemaking and other have to do with aging and storage temperatures.
  10. We have made it our mission to show you all of  the alcohol culture and community in Denver. We’ll provide all the booze news that’s fit to print. We’ll bring you stories, interviews, reviews, calendars, commentary and more that is only Denver and only alcohol.

We would like to personally say thank you to each and everyone of our readers. Please vote for us as 5280’s Top of the Town Blog! You can submit your vote here: http://www.5280.com/tottballot. Voting ends TODAY, March 15.

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Alex loves craft beer, whiskey and brunch. She has a weakness for Champagne and Prosecco. She also likes to run a lot.