Denver Opens Its Doors To DSTILL

Imagine a week-long party involving alcohol, centered around the craft of making and (the art of) enjoying your favorite beverages. Sound familiar? It should, because we did that 5 months ago during GABF. As we strike the individual days off our calendar and wait until that wonderful time of year, wouldn’t you want to attend a festival that is centered around booze? DSTILL arrives in Denver this spring with a circus tent full of small-batch craft spirits and tasty cocktails to entertain us with.

April 1-6, distillers from around the country and heavy participation from our local producers, will be here in town to attend the annual American Distiller’s Institute conference and to celebrate Colorado’s blooming distilling scene and cocktail culture. On any given night I could flip a coin to decide which bar to go to for a great drink made with a quality spirit, but let’s take the heads and tails out of the situation (distillers will get that joke)- put it all the liquor in one building with the fine folks who create it, add talented bartenders to mix some hand-crafted cocktails, and you have the week’s premier event in your backyard. More formally, the American Craft Spirit & Cocktail Showcase, presented by the Colorado Distiller’s Guild, will commence April 3, at the McNichols Building in Civic Center Park. Of course, we also expect a full takeover in the city’s most popular cocktail haunts- surprises welcome. The DSTILL festival has been tagged as “A Serious Celebration Of American Craft Distilling.” We tend to agree. Quite serious indeed, and perhaps the inaugural year of what will become the greatest craft spirits/cocktail festival in the nation.

Tickets on sale now:

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