Fadó Irish Pub & Guinness Toast to Denver Fire


My goodness, my Guinness. Last Friday Fadó Irish Pub hosted The Great Guinness Toast, benefiting Denver Fire and  The Burn Foundation, an amazing non-profit foundation that does great work here in the Denver community. Tons of folks turned out for a great night full of frothy pints, Irish music and firefighters.

First of all, I must state that firefighters are downright sexy. Wholesome and just the right amount of dirty, I am rethinking my career choices. And when you get them pouring Guinness behind one of Denver’s most prominent Irish pubs, it just gets that much hotter. And with any such occasion that props up a charity, you always feel good about the deed, especially if that deed is drinking several Guinness!

The toast has been a tradition since 1993, where beer fanatics gather to break the record for the largest simultaneous toast. I would open the argument for the Irish as being the greatest toasters in the world, but that same argument has been closed for centuries. The Irish do it best, and Fadó Irish Pub undeniably knows how to cater to that crowd.

guinness-toast-1 My night started with a little bit of pub food, which I highly recommend before any mixing of Guinness and whiskey. The concept of “pub food” seems to always get a bad rap, but I assure you that the grub we had was quality pub fare- a generous portion of fish and chips, succulent lamb served on a toasty baguette “French dip” style, and boxty (fried potato pancake) wedges for dipping in a sea of tasty cheese. Perhaps my favorite was the salmon bites, which were composed of smoked salmon and a caper cream sauce over a boxty round. I could have had a dozen, but I needed to save room for the brown bread ice cream, bread pudding and 3/4 a gallon of Guinness (a meal in itself).

The sayings and toasts remembered painted the picture for a good time and had us leaving with a warm bellies- both from supporting the cause and perhaps a tad too much whiskey. So it goes, may your mouth be wet with Guinness, and may your heart always be full. 

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