Help us name our second birthday beer

Last Friday, we brewed a Dubbel at Denver Beer Co. It was a glorious time. We then went over to Stranahan’s for a tour, had dinner at the Hornet, and made our way to TRVE for some more beers. Because, obviously, we needed those.

In the process, we forgot to name the beer.

We used all Belgian malts, including a Caramel Munich, a Caramel Vienne, and a small amountof Special B. Hops were German Northern Brewer for just a hint of bitterness. We dumped in about three tons (exaggeration) of Belgian Candy sugar, and set it to bubble with an Abby Yeast.

The beer is a rich amber/copper color, with dark fruits in the aroma and a balanced malty body.  The hops impart just a kiss of bitterness to balance out the sweetness imparted by the candy sugar. ABV is moderate at around 6.3%. So, to get to the real reason you’re reading this.

What should we name our 2nd Anniversary beer? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and vote up the ones you like.

Here’s a video and a few pictures from our Friday extravaganza. Look for details on our party – February 21-23 – later this week.

Morning sun in an empty tap room

Photo Feb 01, 11 13 04 AM


Photo Feb 05, 2 17 35 PM

Photo Feb 05, 2 17 31 PM

Photo Feb 01, 4 00 57 PM

Then we went to Stranahan’s! Yay!

Photo Feb 01, 6 18 22 PM

Photo Feb 01, 6 21 10 PM





Lastly, we stopped at TRVE. At this point.. well, we mostly stopped taking pictures. But it was Sydney’s birthday, and her cake was badass:

Photo Feb 01, 9 47 42 PM

Check out the rest of the pictures from last friday.

That’s it. Now, what names do you have for us?

Leave your suggestions in the comments, and vote up the ones you like.

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PJ likes beer. A lot. And whiskey. Gin. Wine. Cocktails. Um.. what were we talking about?

  • Holly

    DOTW B.A.D. (Bad Ass Dubbel), Dubbel Down, Dubbel Your Pleasure, Dubbel Dog Dare

  • PJ Hoberman

    Seeing Dubbel (via @focusonthebeer)

  • PJ Hoberman

    Dubbel the Wagon (via @focusonthebeer)

  • PJ Hoberman

    Deuce (via @weege01)

  • PJ Hoberman

    - Dubbel Tall
    – Flawless Victory
    – “I’ll Have Another” Dubbel
    – Let’s Get Ready to Dubbel
    – Don’t Forget Your Dubbel

    (via @aleinfidel)

  • PJ Hoberman

    Dubbel Up (via @levarbattle)

  • Chad

    Dubbel Deux

  • Chad

    Zwei Not?

  • Josh Clauss

    Clearly, this needs to be called:

    D.O.T.Dubbel or D-O-T Dub(ble)

  • Adam B.

    Sounds like you’ve got Dubbel Trouble.

  • Adam B.

    Belgian Birthday

  • Aaron Mieseler

    The Terrible Twos

  • PJ Hoberman

    Dubbel Fisting (via Scott W.)

  • Chris Washenberger

    I don’t care about the context. Anything called Flawless Victory gets my vote.

  • PJ Hoberman

    Dubbel Entendre

  • Kyle Freeman

    Nobody with a wagon themed name? How about Curricle, the notoriously dangerous two-horse two-wheel carriage popular with Jane Austen bad-boys:

  • Jared Hardy

    Verjaardag Dubbel [how you say “birthday” in Belgium(Dutch)], Tweede Dubbel [“Second” in Dutch] or simply Double Dubbel.

  • Paul FRock


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  • Strngcheez

    St Wagonardus 6

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