The Omni Glass: Elevating the Craft Beer Experience

BSB - red ale in Omni glass

One of BSB’s signature red ales served in the Omni glass (Credit: Black Shirt Brewing)

Following a request from one of our lovely readers, we sat down with Branden Miller of Black Shirt Brewing and Mitch Bangert of Golden-based Offero to chat about the Omni glass – a unique beer vessel specially designed to enhance aroma.

Bangert, who used to work in the art business, began Offero around the same time that Branden and Chad began putting their hearts and souls into BSB. When envisioning their brewery, the duo desired a specialty glass that could highlight the complexities of the red ales they were creating. After some less-than-perfect scribbles, Branden sought out good ol’ trusty Google and came across Offero’s website. There, he saw a simple white ceramic coffee mug with one edge of the lip about an inch or so higher than the other. BSB connected with Mitch Bangert and the rest is history.

Well, sort of. Both BSB and Offero are still making history. Despite some big nibbles from the likes of Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, CA and several brewpubs in Australia, BSB is the only brewery in the world to have Bangert’s Omni glass.  Why? Bangert says, “Branden is my man.”

Offero’s novel glasses – all of which Bangert makes with his own hands – come at a time when craft anything is at its height. Those who seek out fine coffee are also likely to seek out fine craft beer or a fine wine. Originally a Latin term, Omni means “all” or “universally” – thus a fitting name for Bangert’s repertoire that includes the original coffee mug for java lovers as well as both a stemmed and stemless version of the glasses used at BSB for winos and craft beer drinkers.

“I know we’re drawing a specific clientele because of the way we are approaching craft beer,” says Branden. “We’re putting it in a fine vessel, not a shaker pint glass; we’re saying stop, smell, really get the whole experience of the beer, rather than just slugging one down.”


BSB covets the true experience of drinking beer. Just like sampling a fine wine, Branden and the Black Shirt crew want their customers to swirl, smell, then sample, not gulp, (unless you can’t help it because it tastes so darn good) their handcrafted brews.


With the Omni glass, BSB seeks to elevate the craft beer experience, focusing the senses and fine-tuning them to recognize all the unique flavors involved in each sip.


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